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February 2016

The Bubble Game, 02/12/2016 - Complete_Zero
Cordelia, Amy, and Fitz break reality. Special thanks to CZ for GMing this masterpiece.
Final number of bubbles: (16978.373+π(bi•number of bubbles)≠0)∞

Mechanical Museum, 02/12/2016
Cordelia finds an odd museum.

Something New, 02/18/2016 - mrs_padri
Monty explores to finds something new. They run across an un-fully furnished hall of 8 guest rooms, in which the rooms are all different degrees of complete.

The World that Could Not Die, 02/19/2016 - RosyBud
Monty and Mari enter a facility filled with what at first sight seemed to be corpses, but were actually people who were unable to die. They eventually find a way out and escape unscathed physically.

The Sweet Relief of Genocide, 02/19/2016 - RosyBud
Osiris finds him inside a padded cell in the place that Monty and Mari were located in, but minutes before. The room is filled with a gas that causes to go into a murdererous rampage before eventually leaving the place. The rage itself is so dangerous that it created a separate prrsonality as a side effect.

Something Old, 02/27/2016 - mrs_padri
Aris and Monty go exploring. First they come across new growth, which inspires them to find the oldest parts of the hotel. Once they break in past an Employees Only door, they find themselves locked into an empty room by a less than happy Hotel.

A Completely Serious Monty Adventure, 02/27/2016 - LemurLord and Complete_Zero
The GMs decide to go Looney Tunes and Monty angsts about an endless hallway of doors not trusting them.

March 2016

Noodle: A Fedorable Beginning!, 03/04/2016 - madness_
Monty's two favorite things, children and hats, rolled into the most precious being ever! Iiiit's NOODLE!

The Sun(s) Will Set For You, 02/11/2016 - mrs_padri
Monty goes back to the double sun world with Delia, Bao and Fitz. Sally drags them into checking on her dad in the hot, hot, /hot/ heat. Thanks, Sally.

A Run On Earth-15, 03/08/2016 - mrs_padri
Monty is a mom, Fitz is scurred, Leo explores, and Cordelia is a FUCKING BLOODTANK. They run into another person who seems to know about the Hotel and have a bit of a fight with her.

Flesh and Blood, 3/23/2016 - mrs_padri
Cirith the Sword goes exploring some theories about the hotel.

Relive 3/27/2016 - madness_
Everyone's turned into children! And as children, they almost got eaten by some motherfucking zombies!

Purple and Yarp, 3/28/2016 - mrs_padri
Rel, Lawrence, Mari, and Genesis make some new friends on Earth-15 and get a cool thing! Now only to figure out how to work it…

Yarp's Journal, 3/30/2016 - mrs_padri
Monty looks for the journal of someone in the hotel to explain what's going on.

Cordelia and Amy go on an Adventure, 3/31/2016 - madness_
Cordelia and Amy bond over a mutual love of killing zombies and looting the shit out of things. Highlights include stealing a car, blowing up a gas station, and robbing a bank. Gotta love the zombie apocalypse.

April 2016

That One Song, 04/10/2016 - LemurLord
It's a party and everyone's invited! What could possibly go wrong? Lawrence, Gehenna, Cordelia, and Mariyah are about to find out

Yarp and McCray in the Cafe, 04/16/2016 - mrs_padri
Monty, Amy, Delia, and Snisk meet up with some ex-guests of the hotel. Some talking is had, and past tensions arise.

Lungs, 4/16/2016 mrs_padri
Monty learns more about the Hotel through one of the most unexpected ways: asking.

(No) Strings On Me, 5/1/2016 LemurLord
Cirith, Gehenna, Monty, and Bao explore a dead world with a dark past.

May 2016

From Beyond, 05/30/2016 - Wixelt
Delia and Fitz visit the Spirit World, make contracts with some of it's residents, and track down a scared little soul.

June 2016

Lobby?, 06/4/2016 - mrs_padri
Bella and Aris visit what may or may not have been the hotel lobby, and may or may not have learned something. I'm not sure.

Snitches get stitches, 6/30/2016 - dragonwielder
Gehanna and Delia visit a lovecraftian apocalypse, and fight some living medical supplies out to get human flesh.

The red circle, 6/25/2016- dragonwielder
Gehanna and Delia are summoned to a Nazi-controlled asteroid where the two have to fight their way through hoards of Nazis to meet up with some allies that shouldnt' exist- Travis' former coworkers!

July 2016

Under New Management, 7/8/2016- dragonwielder
Cordelia joins forces with Zeria and Sir Dogwood to nom on Nazis in space. Much carnage is had, and a ship is taken over.

November 2016

Rel gets an Owl 11/3/2016 -LadyKatie
Rel embarks on a journey to learn more about pets and how to care for them with the help of a plush owl.

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