A Completely Serious Monty Adventure

<Kade> Monty wanders!
<•LemurLord> There's a door
<•Complete_Zero> There are actually many doors! But apparently this one sticks out in particular.
<•LemurLord> Or maybe the narrator likes pointing out the obvious
<•Complete_Zero> In an infinite hallway of doors, the narrator has put a spotlight on one particular door, that may mean absolutely nothing. It's a beautiful door, isn't it? It really is amazing. Look at that trim.
<•LemurLord> The narrator loves it when you talk dirty about doors
<Kade> Monty, however, does not like getting dirty with doors! Instead they just open the faaaancy one.
<•LemurLord> There's another door behind it
<•Complete_Zero> It's even fancier
<Kade> Monty blinks, then opens that one.
<•LemurLord> There's another door behind it
<•Complete_Zero> It's even /fancier/~
<Kade> ~I'm sensing a pattern here…~ They open it!
<•LemurLord> There's another door behind it
<•Complete_Zero> It's actually old and decayed. Like from an old shack.
<Kade> ~..Huh.~ It decayed enough to show what's behind it?
<•Complete_Zero> Looks like the inside of a shack.
<Kade> They open this door.
<•LemurLord> There's another door behind it
<•Complete_Zero> There's another door!
<Kade> "…" Monty closes the door again. It still show the inside of a shack from between the holes?
<•Complete_Zero> Nope!
<Kade> Monty frowns, then opens the door again to go to the next one.
<•Complete_Zero> The next door is simply a mahogany door.
<Kade> "…Hm." They open this one, too.
<•Complete_Zero> There's another similar one behind it! It's made of oak.
<Kade> "…" Monty knocks on it, to see how hollow it sounds. ~could give me an idea if there's just another door or not…~
<•Complete_Zero> there are spaces between the doors.
<•Complete_Zero> Even if just a little.
<•Complete_Zero> So, it's hard to tell.
<Kade> Monty looks at the side of this door. There obvious hinges?
<•Complete_Zero> Yep.
<Kade> Monty takes out the crowbar and uses it to try to take out the hinge bolts!
<•Complete_Zero> They're taken out with the same amount of force a normal door would need.
<•Complete_Zero> Once they all pop out, the door creaks and starts falling over.
<Kade> "Aah!" They try to dodge out of the way and help lead the door to the ground without smashing. ~maybe bypassing opening the knob will have stopped the endless doors…~ They look towards the doorway again.
<•Complete_Zero> It's a brick wall!
<•Complete_Zero> Oh, wait… no, it's got a doorknob on it!
<Kade> "…." They try their best to get the door back up and then put the hinges back in.
<•Complete_Zero> STR
<Kade> d8 rip in potpourri
<Glacon> Kade: rip in potpourri: 6 (d8=6)
<•Complete_Zero> It's a little heavy, but you manage to bring it back up. You probably take about an hour getting all the hinges back into the door by yourself. Very stressful.
<Kade> Monty has to take a small breather after that. But then they open the door.
<•Complete_Zero> It opens normally.
<•Complete_Zero> Oh, look! A different door!
<Kade> …They sigh in exasperation. There screws around the doorknob keeping it in.
<•Complete_Zero> Nope.
<Kade> "…" They lean their head against the door and mutter, "I'm going make sure everyone avoids this doorway unless you honestly let me inside your room. I don't mean it as a threat, I just don't want anyone else to go through this exasperation. So please, I hope we're clear on this." They take a deep breath, then take a step back to open the door. There another one behind it?
<•Complete_Zero> Yep!
<Kade> "…" They look down in disappointment, then start closing all the doors again.
<Kade> They do stop at the wrecked door to look through the holes again, though. It still the other door behind it?
<•Complete_Zero> Yep.
<Kade> They continues closing all the doors sadly. Once the front one is closed, they rest their hand on it gently. "I wish you would just let me in and help me understand…" They turn to walk away. Cue hilariously angsty background music.
<•Complete_Zero> Of course, it may just be a hallway of infinite doors. Maybe there never was a room.
<Kade> they tried so hard
<Kade> and got so far
<Kade> and in the end it didn't even matter

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