A Run on Earth-15

4:48 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia walks around
4:50 PM <Aphex_> Fitz wanders out for food. He carries a mug of tea with him.
4:53 PM <Kade> Monty exists!
4:54 PM <LadyKatie> "Hello there."
4:55 PM <mrs_padri> A short haired tabby cat passes each of them in turn.
4:55 PM <mrs_padri> Its tail is high in the air.
4:55 PM <LadyKatie> "…"
4:57 PM <Kade> Monty smiles brightly! "Hello, cat friend!" They follow le kitty! "Are you like the other one I saw before?"
4:59 PM Complete_Zero → •CZ|Away
4:59 PM <mrs_padri> When it passes Cordelia, it stops to look back at her, as if to make sure she's following.
4:59 PM <Aphex_> "Hm? Oh!" Fitz follows after the cat after a slight delay.
5:00 PM <LadyKatie> "What is it with this hotel and random animals?" Delia goes to follow it.
5:01 PM <mrs_padri> They all end up following the cat together.
5:01 PM <mrs_padri> It stops at a door, meowing and pawing at it.
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5:02 PM <Kade> Monty nods, smiling gently. "Apparently, it IS like the other one." They walk over to open the door for it carefully, then peek in themselves!
5:02 PM <Aphex_> "…So what's this?" Fitz puts away his tablet computer.
5:03 PM <LadyKatie> "Can somebody else open that?"
5:03 PM <mrs_padri> It doesn't open for Monty.
5:03 PM <mrs_padri> But the cat reaches up and pushes with its paw and….
5:03 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens.
5:04 PM <Kade> "….Huh." They look over at the others, then at the cat. They smile at it. "Well, why didn't you do that from the beginning, silly?" They peek in!
5:04 PM <•WetBeard> Leo notices a crowd of people and decides to trail.
5:05 PM <mrs_padri> The cat disappears inside the door. Inside seems to be an abandoned warehouse.
5:05 PM <mrs_padri> Where the cat went, I don't know! And if I knew I wouldn't tell you so!
5:05 PM <LadyKatie> Delia hesitantly steps through.
5:05 PM <Kade> They open the door for the others as they step in. "Feel free to come in, Cordelia."
5:05 PM <Aphex_> Fitz follows hesitantly.
5:06 PM <mrs_padri> On the other side, the hotel door seems to be the main door /out/ of the warehouse. Stuck in here, it seems.
5:06 PM <•WetBeard> Leo follows in the far back.
5:06 PM <mrs_padri> At least for this exit, anyway.
5:07 PM <LadyKatie> Delia looks around.
5:08 PM <mrs_padri> It's a great big room. There's a forklift and pallets. Stacks and stacks of them. No product, though.
5:08 PM <Aphex_> "Well… that's nice." Fitz looks about.
5:08 PM <•WetBeard> Leo looks at the forklift with great confusion.
5:09 PM <mrs_padri> There's other doors inside the building, too.
5:09 PM <Kade> Monty walks over to one of the other doors and tries it!
5:09 PM <mrs_padri> It's unlocked!
5:10 PM <•WetBeard> "Where are we…?"
5:10 PM <Kade> They open it and peek in! "Another world, Leo. Is this your first official one?"
5:10 PM <Aphex_> "Some sort of… warehouse thing, I think."
5:10 PM <LadyKatie> Delia walks around, listening for stuff.
5:11 PM <mrs_padri> It's a hallway! Does Delia have super hearing?
5:11 PM <LadyKatie> Delia is a fucking vampire.
5:11 PM <•WetBeard> "A… Wear house… Hm…"
5:11 PM <Kade> Monty looks around the room first. Any other doors to open?
5:15 PM <mrs_padri> Yup. Two. One on the left wall, one on the right.
5:15 PM <mrs_padri> This one was in the middle.
5:15 PM <Kade> Monty tries the left one next!
5:16 PM <•WetBeard> Leo stalks over to the right door
5:17 PM <mrs_padri> It opens into a room with a huge cage in it. It has a human-sized door, which is locked.
5:17 PM <mrs_padri> The right door has a staircase inside.
5:17 PM <•WetBeard> Leo heads down/up it!
5:17 PM <Kade> Does Monty see anything in the cage?
5:18 PM <mrs_padri> up. No, cage is empty. The top of the stairwell is a small room with a door.
5:19 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia starts looking in rooms, not stopping to stay in each one unless something looks different.
5:19 PM <Kade> Monty walks into the room with the cage. "Why is it locked when it's empty…? It doesn't make sense."
5:20 PM <Aphex_> Fitz follows Monty, mildly concerned. "S-so uh, where to? I-I'm not exactly too keen on exploring, if I'm honest."
5:20 PM <•WetBeard> Leo walks to the door and tries to open
5:20 PM <LadyKatie> "What is it?"
5:21 PM <mrs_padri> It opens, Leo. There's a hall with doors on it.
5:21 PM <Kade> Monty smiles at Fitz. "Just stick with me, then. I'll do my bet to protect you. Okay?" Anything else in the large cage room?
5:21 PM <Kade> *my best to
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5:22 PM <•WetBeard> "Ah jeez…" Leo goes down the hall and tries the first door on the right.
5:23 PM <mrs_padri> Nope. Cage empty.
5:23 PM <mrs_padri> It opens, Leo.
5:23 PM <•WetBeard> What's inside?
5:24 PM <Kade> Monty walk out of the room, then waits for Fitz. "We'll check the door with the hallway, but not go up any stairs if we come to them. Okay?"
5:24 PM <mrs_padri> It's dark.
5:24 PM <Aphex_> "Right, yeah." He follows!
5:25 PM <•WetBeard> Does he have flashlight?
5:25 PM <mrs_padri> Does he?
5:25 PM <Kade> Monty walks into the hallway that was revealed with the first door they opened!
5:25 PM <•WetBeard> Equipment list would say so.
5:26 PM <mrs_padri> Left or right, Monty?
5:26 PM <mrs_padri> Then he does!
5:26 PM <•WetBeard> He takes out his flashlight and after some fumbling, turns it on.
5:26 PM <Kade> …The doorway was in the middle. Right?
5:26 PM <mrs_padri> There's a desk and a chair, but nothing else.
5:27 PM <mrs_padri> The doorway /was/ in the middle. Does Monty head to the right?
5:27 PM <•WetBeard> He goes to check out another room.
5:27 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia stays with the group. She may or may not be the only one capable of destroying anything here.
5:28 PM <mrs_padri> The next one over, Leo?
5:28 PM <Kade> Lessee… They headed to the left from that hallway, facing outwards into the warehouse, meaning it should be the door on the right!
5:28 PM <•WetBeard> Yep!
5:29 PM <mrs_padri> Paws.
5:34 PM <mrs_padri> Yes, I already knew that. LEFT OR RIGHT.
5:35 PM <LadyKatie> Right?
5:35 PM <mrs_padri> They head to the left.
5:35 PM <mrs_padri> Unpaws.
5:35 PM <mrs_padri> Again, a dark room.
5:36 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia is a vampire, no stranger to the darkness
5:36 PM <mrs_padri> The hallway on fl1 doesn't have much in it. At the end are two doors. Roll perc as you walk to the left.
5:36 PM <mrs_padri> Hearing.
5:36 PM <LadyKatie> d9 I AM A VAMPIRE, BITCH
5:36 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: I AM A VAMPIRE, BITCH: 1 (d9=1)
5:36 PM Wix → WixZ
5:37 PM <Kade> 2d14 she said fl1 correct?
5:37 PM <mrs_padri> Cordelia, you seem to have a major wax build-up.
5:37 PM <Glacon> Kade: she said fl1 correct?: 25 (2d14=12, 13)
5:37 PM <mrs_padri> Monty, there's someone on the floor above you.
5:37 PM <mrs_padri> Leo, the next room seems to be a closet.
5:37 PM <Aphex_> d18 Fitz can actually hear?
5:37 PM <Glacon> Aphex_: Fitz can actually hear?: 13 (d18=13)
5:37 PM <•WetBeard> What's inside?
5:38 PM <mrs_padri> Fitz also hears it!
5:38 PM <mrs_padri> Again, nothing.
5:39 PM <Kade> Monty look upwards, then at the two doors "People, up there, but we don't have to worry about that now. Which one should we open first?"
5:39 PM <Aphex_> "oh-hoh geez." He starts fumbling for /something/ inside his bag.
5:39 PM <LadyKatie> "Go find cover." CORDELIA IS READY TO REK SOME SHIT
5:39 PM <mrs_padri> Monty, one has a female silouette on the door. The other door has a male one.
5:40 PM <Kade> Monty looks at Fitz. "Are these storage rooms for these shapes?"
5:40 PM <mrs_padri> PAWS for aphex.
5:41 PM <Kade> k
5:41 PM <mrs_padri> Beard can continue to post.
5:42 PM <•WetBeard> He sighs and checks the /next/ room over
5:42 PM <mrs_padri> This one happens to be locked.
5:43 PM <•WetBeard> "… Hmm…" He kneels down and examines. Locked via door mechanism?
5:43 PM <mrs_padri> Yes.
5:43 PM <•WetBeard> Can he use some pins to try and unlock it?
5:43 PM <mrs_padri> Paws beard.
5:53 PM <mrs_padri> UNPAWS
5:53 PM <LadyKatie> So now that the other people have been pointed out, can she tell how many?
5:54 PM <mrs_padri> Not quite.
5:54 PM <mrs_padri> As in not really.
5:54 PM <Kade> 5:40 PM <Kade> Monty looks at Fitz. "Are these storage rooms for these shapes?"
5:55 PM <LadyKatie> Well what can she tell?
5:55 PM <Aphex_> Fitz mutters to himself while drawing what appears to be a pistol of some sort. "I don't know, I'd bloody hope not."
5:56 PM <mrs_padri> Exactly where it is upstairs. If she finds the stairs, she can find it easily.
5:56 PM <Kade> Monty opens up the room with the male symbol on it, and holds it open for Fitz!
5:57 PM <LadyKatie> "I'm going to go check this out." Cordelia stalks upstairs
5:57 PM <mrs_padri> It has urinals and sinks! And two stalls! And a hole in the ceiling!
5:57 PM <mrs_padri> Leo /can/ try to unlock it.
5:57 PM <mrs_padri> Roll Agi.
5:57 PM <•WetBeard> Am I fooling Agi?
5:58 PM <•WetBeard> *Rollinf
5:58 PM <Kade> Monty looks up at the hole in the ceiling!
5:58 PM <mrs_padri> Yes, LEo rolls agi.
5:58 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia goes upstairs?
5:58 PM <mrs_padri> Monty, it's narrow. It opens into a wall and a room upstairs. You can't see much there.
5:58 PM CZ|Away → •Complete_Zero
5:59 PM <•WetBeard> 1d10 Agil
5:59 PM <Glacon> WetBeard: Agil: 1 (1d10=1)
5:59 PM <•WetBeard> Rip
5:59 PM <mrs_padri> Cordelia does! It opens into another hall, with 5 rooms in.
5:59 PM <mrs_padri> Roll perc, Leo.
5:59 PM <LadyKatie> Can she try to listen for people?
5:59 PM <mrs_padri> Yep!
5:59 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: I KNOW YOU'RE AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE: 2 (d9=2)
5:59 PM <Aphex_> Fitz looks about the room alongside Monty. Any sort of machinery?
5:59 PM <mrs_padri> Nope. Just a bathroom.
6:00 PM <mrs_padri> Can't hear em well, but you know exactly where to go to get them. Last room.
6:00 PM <LadyKatie> To the last room!
6:00 PM <mrs_padri> You can see Leo, though. Leo, a vampire strolls right past you.
6:01 PM <LadyKatie> "Come out, come out, wherever you are."
6:01 PM <mrs_padri> Does Delia open that room?
6:01 PM <LadyKatie> Yes
6:01 PM <mrs_padri> She's closs enough now to skip rolling. She hears a cl-click of a…
6:01 PM <Kade> Monty looks at the stalls and sinks and urinals! "Huh! A bathroom. But why did it have that sign on the front?"
6:01 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens! There's a woman there with… at least three guns. Hold up while i fish out description….
6:01 PM <LadyKatie> Scary Vampire Mode Activated!
6:01 PM <Aphex_> "Gendered bathroom… makes some kind of sense, I guess…"
6:02 PM <mrs_padri> One of the guns is pointed at you.
6:02 PM <•WetBeard> Does adv apply?
6:02 PM <mrs_padri> A "petite hispanic chica" is what I have written down.
6:02 PM <mrs_padri> WetBeard: to….?
6:02 PM <Kade> Monty frowns a little, but looks up at the hole again. "You don't usually see those in bathrooms…"
6:03 PM <•WetBeard> Perc - What is he rolling for?
6:03 PM <mrs_padri> It's unnecessary anymore.
6:03 PM <mrs_padri> He can hear Delia talking to the woman two doors down.
6:03 PM <mrs_padri> Did Delia close the door after her?
6:03 PM <Aphex_> "Good point…" He shakily points his pistol at the hole!
6:03 PM <LadyKatie> Scary Vampire Mode means bright red eyes and FUCKING FANGS OUT. "Hello there…"
6:03 PM <LadyKatie> No, she did not.
6:04 PM <mrs_padri> She narrows her eyes. "Look, for your own safety, I'm going to need you to leave." The safety is off on the gun.
6:04 PM <•WetBeard> Leo gets up and steps over lightly.
6:04 PM <mrs_padri> Does Leo step into the room?
6:04 PM <LadyKatie> "My safety?" She chuckles. "That's funny."
6:04 PM <Kade> Monty smiles at Fits and pats his shoulder gently. "Hey, no second floors, remember? Let's just check the other room- I'm sure the others can deal with what's up there."
6:05 PM <mrs_padri> When Monty opens the door, it opens into the hotel.
6:05 PM <mrs_padri> The door between Delia and Leo clicks shut. It seems to have been closing on its own.
6:05 PM <Kade> Monty blinks, then smiles and holds it open for Fitz. "Here you go!"
6:06 PM <Aphex_> "Yeah okay, we'll just- Oh! Well, that's just love- wait, what about Delia and uh-." He snaps his fingers. "-Leo! Leo."
6:06 PM <•WetBeard> Leo stops and tilts his head, he tries to open self closing door.
6:06 PM <mrs_padri> "Last warning, vamp." She pulls out another gun. "This one's loaded with stuff that hurts."
6:07 PM <mrs_padri> Leo, the door opens into the hotel.
6:07 PM <mrs_padri> Agi to get close, Delia.
6:07 PM <•WetBeard> "Oh…" He steps out and looks around. "… Montera…?"
6:07 PM <Kade> "Well, the Hotel takes care of us, right? I'm sure the Hotel will take them back should the need arise, too."
6:08 PM <Aphex_> "Well, h-here's hoping then…"
6:08 PM <Aphex_> He steps through the door, back into the hotel.
6:08 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: I'M A FUCKMOTHERING VAMPIRE: 1 (d12=1)
6:08 PM <mrs_padri> Welp. I'm skipping responding to that and…..
6:08 PM <Kade> Monty smiles at him gently, then follows back into the Hotel!
6:09 PM <mrs_padri> d15 BLAM BLAM gunshots
6:09 PM <Glacon> mrs_padri: BLAM BLAM gunshots: 12 (d15=12)
6:09 PM <mrs_padri> Everyone hears this.
6:09 PM <Kade> Even the ones in the Hotel?
6:09 PM <mrs_padri> Yup. Through the door.
6:09 PM <Aphex_> "woAH SWEET CHRIST!"
6:09 PM <LadyKatie> What now?
6:10 PM <mrs_padri> Roll dodge to defend.
6:10 PM <LadyKatie> d10
6:10 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: 10 (d10=10)
6:10 PM <Kade> Monty blinks, then opens the door again. It still in the bathroom?
6:10 PM <mrs_padri> 2 damage, due to a targeted weapon.
6:10 PM <LadyKatie> Agil or Melee?
6:10 PM <mrs_padri> It opens into the hallway, where the bathroom door was supposed to go.
6:11 PM <mrs_padri> Lady: Depends what you want to do.
6:11 PM <LadyKatie> I WANNA BITE HER
6:11 PM <mrs_padri> Actually, make it 4 damage, since point blank range.
6:11 PM <mrs_padri> Roll melee.
6:11 PM <mrs_padri> That's a major wound, btw.
6:11 PM <LadyKatie> 2d11 FANGS
6:11 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: FANGS: 12 (2d11=8, 4)
6:12 PM <Kade> Monty looks at Fitz. "You stay here in the Hotel, okay? You'll be safe here. I want to find out what's going on." They smile at him then step back into the warehouse to try to follow the noises!
6:12 PM <mrs_padri> You manage to get your fangs into her, but you don't seem to be doing any damage.
6:12 PM <mrs_padri> And…
6:12 PM <mrs_padri> Roll to avoid being pushed off of her.
6:12 PM <Aphex_> "Shite! Er-uh…" He fumbles for the pistol once more. "I'm coming too, dammit!"
6:12 PM <LadyKatie> Roll what?
6:13 PM <LadyKatie> Strength?
6:13 PM <LadyKatie> any blood?
6:13 PM <mrs_padri> Monty: It's easy to follow.
6:13 PM <mrs_padri> There is blood. You bit.
6:13 PM <LadyKatie> So what do I roll?
6:13 PM <mrs_padri> Strength.
6:13 PM <LadyKatie> 2d10 BLOOD BUFF
6:13 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: BLOOD BUFF: 15 (2d10=7, 8)
6:14 PM <Kade> "No, Fitz, I'll be okay! Promise!" They follow the noises to their origin point!
6:14 PM <mrs_padri> She just barely manages to push you off.
6:14 PM <mrs_padri> Monty makes it there, if they run!
6:14 PM <Aphex_> "Dammit Monty!" He follows regardless!
6:14 PM <mrs_padri> They can see through the doorway.
6:14 PM <LadyKatie> Can Cordelia roll her talent?
6:15 PM <mrs_padri> Yes.
6:15 PM <Kade> Monty runs! They blink! ""Um! Cordelia! What are you doing? Did she consent to that??"
6:15 PM <LadyKatie> d4 I'm kind of mad about the major damage thing
6:15 PM <Glacon> LadyKatie: I'm kind of mad about the major damage thing: 4 (d4=4)
6:15 PM <LadyKatie> YES
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6:15 PM <Aphex_> "I don't believe so Monty!" The Scot follows behind, pistol raised.
6:16 PM <mrs_padri> You can half the damage and reduce it to a minor wound.
6:16 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia's got a bite, and HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!
6:16 PM <Kade> "Cordelia! PLEASE try to control yourself!"
6:17 PM <mrs_padri> The cat weaves through your legs, Delia. The hispanichica notices. "Shit, you're…" But, for some reason, she says this looking at the cat, not at you. As if signifying which of the two was freakier. "Get out of here! All of you! I /just/ saved this world!"
6:17 PM <LadyKatie> Did you hear those gunshots, Monty? Delia does not use guns.
6:17 PM <LadyKatie> She unlatches her teeth from the woman's neck. "Explain. Now."
6:17 PM <Aphex_> "Pretty sure that's self defense on Delia's case…" mutter mutter
6:18 PM <mrs_padri> She was already pushed away.
6:18 PM <mrs_padri> Teeth have been out.
6:18 PM <mrs_padri> She shoots into the air. "NOW!"
6:18 PM <mrs_padri> She's bleeding profusely.
6:19 PM <LadyKatie> "I want answers." Scary vampire is covered in blood. You should listen, pathetic mortal.
6:19 PM <Kade> They sigh and try to pick up kitty! "We're sorry about this. We didn't - OH, I'M sorry! Come on, you two! We should go!" Monty tries ti gently nudge them towards the exit!
6:19 PM <mrs_padri> A door appears across the hall. Convenient. Looks like a hotel door.
6:20 PM <mrs_padri> The cat meowls as Monty picks it up.
6:20 PM <Aphex_> "Yeah please let's!"
6:20 PM <mrs_padri> The chica mutters to herself: "Not yet, okay?"
6:20 PM <mrs_padri> She points her gun at Delia again.
6:21 PM <LadyKatie> "See you again, amiga." She heads out the door.
6:21 PM <Kade> Monty petpets the kitty gently. "Come on, Cordelia. We can gt you a deer and maybe some information from Room Service."
6:21 PM <mrs_padri> The door shuts behind you all. You hear a click as it locks.

6:22 PM <Kade> *WANTED
6:23 PM <mrs_padri> Well, you can try to acquire them and use CAT again.
6:23 PM <LadyKatie> Delia got BLUD
6:23 PM <LadyKatie> Delia is covered in BLUD
6:23 PM <mrs_padri> Or you can try knocking
6:23 PM <Aphex_> Fitz got NOTHING and is now REALLY CONFUSED.
6:23 PM <mrs_padri> Or you can try… Something else that Kade is perfectly capable of coming up with.
6:23 PM <Kade> Monty walks off to Room Service Medical supplies for lady, still holding cat!
6:24 PM <LadyKatie> Where was Delia shot at?
6:24 PM <Kade> Do they Room Service medical supplies properly?
6:24 PM <LadyKatie> Torso? Leg?
6:25 PM <mrs_padri> Torso.
6:25 PM <mrs_padri> Room service supplies better and more extensive medical supplies than Monty requested.
6:25 PM <LadyKatie> "This shirt's ruined…" She mutters. Delia, what the fuck?
6:25 PM <Kade> Monty goes back to door, using CAT again!
6:25 PM <mrs_padri> I mean, there's a huge hole in it.
6:26 PM <Aphex_> "You got /shot/, and that's what you're bloody worried about?"
6:26 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens into the same place that it was last located. But the room is empty.
6:26 PM <mrs_padri> Chica is gone.
6:26 PM <mrs_padri> The cat also runs away.
6:26 PM <LadyKatie> "It's not as bad as it was. Blood's good for many things." she smiles. Holy shit, blood covered face. That is one creepy smile.
6:28 PM <Aphex_> He tries not to freak out, at least externally. "Right… yeah. Go get that patched up please." He mutters to himself as he skitters off to his room.
6:29 PM <LadyKatie> She heads off to her room, pulling off the now ruined shirt as she goes.
6:29 PM <Kade> Monty looks around. They call out loudly. "Um. Lady? I know you don't trust me, but… I saw you were bleeding and I got you some very good medical supplies. I can just. Leave them here for you, if you don't want me touching you." They set down the medical supplies and turn back to the door. "I honestly hope you get better. Okay? Goodbye!"
6:30 PM <mrs_padri> No answer.
6:30 PM <mrs_padri> Nekkid Delia!
6:30 PM <LadyKatie> Half nekkid, to be clear.
6:31 PM <Aphex_> Fitz blushes furiously as he slams his door shut.
6:31 PM ↔ Aphex_ nipped out
6:33 PM <Kade> Monty pauses, looks behind them at the medical supplies, then leaves again.

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