Flesh and Blood

Nemi Cirith walks about the halls, suspicious. Or rather, looking for anything amiss. She's gone to another world already, and she has all kinds of theories as to what the Hotel is.. but so far, no way to prove it. Drunkenness has lost its appeal. Now the Soulsword is looking for answers.
mrs_padri What theories?
mrs_padri Or rather, what's their favorite theory?
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Nemi Currently, Cirith's theories are.. Varied. She already supposed it might be some sort of purgatory state- clearly Cirith arrived due to being directly banished. It'd explain the generally human appearances of individuals here, as well as certain similarities in their origins. But- but it doesn't explain the OTHER places.
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Nemi Could it be something there not as a /test/, but to serve some consciousness- Management, whatever it really is- to make a collection? It's known sorcerers in the past to make demiplanes to dwell in, places half-real that served their whims, could this be similar- a sort of universe nexus?
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mrs_padri On the wall next to you are a few boards nailed to the wall.
Nemi Cirith.. Pauses. That's a bit of a local anomaly. She can't recall seeing similar before- are the boards in any pattern, covering anything?
mrs_padri They seem to be covering something, yes. But as they are covering it, you can't tell what it is.
mrs_padri Whatever it is is only two 2x4s wide.
Nemi Interesting. Cirith will gently place the tip of herself- well. The sword. That herself- behind the boards to just tear 'em free.
mrs_padri Does the sword have any feeling?
Nemi It does!
mrs_padri It's soft and slightly warm behind the boards.
Nemi Warm.. Like flesh? Either way, it'll try to remove the boards.
mrs_padri Strength
Nemi 2d16 Yeaaaaaah advantage!
Glacon Nemi: Yeaaaaaah advantage!: 8 (2d16=5, 3)
Nemi Oh. Okay.
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mrs_padri You slip and slice into something softer than the boards.
Nemi "Gh! Fuck!" Does it feel.. Warm, wet, bloody? Cirith wishes it had eyes on its blade. She'll resume wrenching.
mrs_padri Barely. But maybe that's because you're expecting it. You can roll again to try.
Nemi 2d16
Glacon Nemi: 23 (2d16=12, 11)
mrs_padri Cirith pulls off a board.
mrs_padri It seems a piece of the drywall got sliced off.
mrs_padri No blood.
Nemi .. iiinteresting. Cirith will work on the other board to clear the way properly.
mrs_padri You can succeed. There's a hole through the wall with boards on the other side, too. It's about 6 inches round.
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Nemi A hole through the wall. Veeeery interesting. Cirith is going to .. grasp itself by the blade and bring the sword itself through. Cirith proper 'looks' around with the eagle head of its pommel as it floats in the space between the walls.
mrs_padri There's pipes and wiring and boards. Hard to see much without light. But little you wouldn't expect in a building.
Nemi Well, Cirith is her own light. That sort of blue inner light in her obsidian blade. And right now, Cirith's not sure exactly what it expects- it FELT flesh. It's sure of it.
mrs_padri It sees none. But it feels warmth.
Nemi From where? All around? The kind of radiant heat you'd expect from water pipes? Or.. More.. LIke the warmth Cirith feels when plunged into the chest of a living creature?
mrs_padri What's the actual difference?
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Nemi One is .. Still. There's something /different/ about it- life versus lifelessness. Ebbing, bleeding bodies have a certain.. feel to them.
mrs_padri Well, there's no recognizable feel here.
Nemi Hmm. Cirith's body reaches in to grasp the blade and .. She'll hack into the far side boards. She wants to see what happens when she's in two parts of the hotel at once.
mrs_padri It takes a bit of hacking to get through, especially from this angle. But eventually, a rush of heat and greenery reveals itself.
Nemi Iiiiiiinteresting. Cirith will float itself to the greenhouse, leaving its host behind. The host leans lazily against the wall and just.. Looks around.
mrs_padri Tons of plants. Rather warm. Even damp.
Nemi Cirith hasn't been here before. It's /interested/. The sword'll go for a float about, looking to see what's what. Just an eerily blue-glowing obsidian sword here, nothing to see here.
mrs_padri Nothing unusual happens having human body and sword body in two different places.
mrs_padri There's a few blooms; not terribly many. They did most of their blooming last week.
Nemi Hmm. The sword'll float on back and .. Start floating around inside the walls, seeing how far it can go, where it can go..
mrs_padri But it's still refreshing to see something alive…
mrs_padri Not terribly far. Cross-wise boards block its way.
mrs_padri Uh… beams? Is that what they're called?
Nemi Beams sounds about right. How about /up/?
mrs_padri You can go farther this way. There's vents and air ducts and wiring for the lights and wiring for other things and pipes and in-ceiling stuff.
Nemi Cirith will keep on going. It's so.. Mundane. Which is interesting, as this is the furthest in the future technologically as Cirith's been.
mrs_padri Eventually, all the stuff gets to much in the way for cirith to go on.
Nemi Dang. Cirith'll head back to its host, hoping it's not wandered off or something.
mrs_padri Roll luck.
Nemi d9 Damn the luck.
Glacon Nemi: Damn the luck.: 5 (d9=5)
mrs_padri It'll take twenty minutes to find em.
Nemi Annoying meat. Oh, well. Cirith's host takes Cirith in-hand.. and Cirith rests her sword on her shoulder as she resumes walking, looking to see whereabout she ended up.
mrs_padri Right near wherever she wants to be next.

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