At the end of the hall, an employees only door stands open.

2:30 PM <•LadyKatie>
Bella's edgy rebellious nature draws her to it.

2:35 PM <Wix>
Aris patrols the halls

2:35 PM <•LadyKatie>
Bella goes to check out the open door

2:35 PM <mrs_padri>
It's dark inside, Bella.

2:35 PM <Wix>
Aris wanders up and peers in, "Hmm…"

2:36 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Heh, I'm going in." She steps in.

2:36 PM <mrs_padri>
It does not slam shut!
2:36 PM But there's a long, even darker hall ahead.

2:36 PM <•LadyKatie>
Bella flicks on a flashlight… okay, so it's her phone. But it has a flashlight app.

2:36 PM <Wix>
Aris, after a moment's hesitation, realizes that Bella shouldn't be left alone and follows her.

2:38 PM <mrs_padri>
At first, the hall is just concrete walls and flooring. But then, the wallpaper from the hotel is on the walls. And then the carpet. And there's the noise of people talking and light ahead.

2:38 PM <Wix>
Aris frowns, "…other people?"
2:38 PM She pushes on.

2:39 PM <mrs_padri>
There's a bell! "Hop to! Hop to! The guests are visiting! Look sharp!"

2:41 PM <Wix>
Aris frowns at this, but keeps moving forwards regardless.

2:41 PM <•LadyKatie>
"…" Bella keeps walking. K311y makes idle commentary in her head.

2:43 PM <mrs_padri>
You walk through a doorway into the lobby. There are bell boys and receptionists and even a janitor.
2:43 PM They all have fancy outfits and look very sharp.
2:43 PM And they all look human.

2:44 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Sup f**"

2:44 PM <Wix>
Aris looks shocked for a moment, then scowls at Bella, "Language!"

2:44 PM <•LadyKatie>
Aris, you heard a beep in stead of a word.

2:44 PM <Wix>

2:46 PM <mrs_padri>
Hats are tipped. One of the receptionists walks up to you and says, "Hello Aris and Bella."
2:46 PM "Oh, and Kelly." A nod of apology.

2:46 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Hey… she says hi too."

2:46 PM <Wix>
Aris freezes. "You know my name."

2:46 PM <mrs_padri>
She seems pleasant enough. "Of course we do!"

2:46 PM <Wix>
Her hand starts going to the weapon on her back.

2:47 PM <•LadyKatie>
Bella assumes this is the staff that's been getting her all her cool stuff.

2:47 PM <mrs_padri>
"We apologize. Is knowing your name a social faux pas in your world?"

2:47 PM <Wix>
~Possibly psionics, maybe-~
2:48 PM "I've just met you and you act like you know me. So yes," she stares you down, "I'd say so."

2:49 PM <mrs_padri>
"Our sincerest apologies. Would a free meal card help to assure our sincerity?"
2:49 PM She heads back towards the front desk.

2:49 PM <Wix>
Aris apparently hasn't made the connection that this is the Hotel staff.
2:49 PM "I'll pass, thank you." she peers around warily.
2:50 PM Or least isn't willing to believe it's that simple.

2:50 PM <mrs_padri>
It certainly looks like the lobby… Perc, aris.

2:51 PM <Wix>

2:51 PM <Glacon>
Wix: 10 (d10=10)

2:53 PM <mrs_padri>
Everything looks like the hotel. This is definitely the hotel. But something doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel the same way it feels in the lobby. The only thing you can put your finger on is that it's… danker. But it doesn't /look/ it.

2:53 PM <Wix>
Aris frowns at this, "Something's off here."

2:54 PM <•LadyKatie>
"There is?"

2:54 PM <mrs_padri>
She comes back with the card! "Here you are, ma'am. Do you need any help getting your bags to your rooms?"

2:55 PM <Wix>
She nods, "It look normal, but… something doesn't feel right." she looks back to the receptionist and blinks for a moment, ~Ah, that's what it is.~ "I don't have any bags."

2:56 PM <mrs_padri>
"Oh dear. Well, remember you can always call room service to request anything you may have forgotten to pack."

2:56 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Hell yeah. Lead the way."

2:57 PM <mrs_padri>
"What is it you would like to request?" She walks back to the phone on the front desk again, motioning Bella to follow.

2:57 PM <Wix>
"I'll keep that in mind."
2:58 PM Aris looks around for a moment, then realizes it would be bad to leave Bella alone here, so follows behind her at short distance.

2:58 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Gerard Way."

2:59 PM <mrs_padri>
"I'm sorry, but room service cannot procure people."

2:59 PM <•LadyKatie>

3:00 PM <mrs_padri>
"Who was Gerard?"

3:00 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Rockstar. Fucking hottie too."

3:00 PM <mrs_padri>
No censor? :P

3:00 PM <Wix>
Aris frowns, then looks at the receptionist, "What are the limits of room service. I feel as if it's never been made entirely clear." Okay, so assuming this is the hotel, they'll be able to answer.

3:01 PM <•LadyKatie>
Because this is a quote, no.

3:02 PM <mrs_padri>
"Room service is designed to provide the comforts required to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. There are, however, some things beyond our ability to provide, like people, for instance."

3:02 PM <Wix>
"I see…"

3:02 PM <•LadyKatie>
"F** sucks."

3:03 PM <Wix>
"If I may ask, where we are now doesn't feel like the Hotel normally does. Why is that?"

3:03 PM <mrs_padri>
"Take a look around." Roll perc, both of you.

3:04 PM <•LadyKatie>

3:04 PM <Glacon>
LadyKatie: 15 (1d15=15)

3:04 PM <Wix>

3:04 PM <Glacon>
Wix: 5 (d10=5)

3:05 PM <mrs_padri>
When Aris blinks, she sees she's standing in an empty, dark room with cement walls and floor, just like the hallway was before. The hallway is behind her.

3:06 PM <Wix>

3:06 PM <mrs_padri>
Bella sees the same thing, but she sees it behind the lobby, first, as if it were outside of the lobby, holding it in. It only lasts for a fraction of a second, though.

3:07 PM <•LadyKatie>
"So you can get me like, all the clothes from Hot Topic ever, right?"

3:07 PM <mrs_padri>
Nope, lady is gone.

3:07 PM <Wix>
Wait, does Aris percieve herself as being alone?

3:07 PM <mrs_padri>
No, bella's there, too.

3:08 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Huh? Where'd you go?"

3:08 PM <Wix>
3:08 PM Aris frowns.

3:08 PM <mrs_padri>
Bella is in the same place as Aris.

3:08 PM <•LadyKatie>
"I'm confused." Bella pouts

3:09 PM <Wix>
"You're not the only one." Aris keeps looking around.

3:10 PM <mrs_padri>
It remains empty.

3:11 PM <•LadyKatie>
Bella turns around to leave. Empty rooms are boring. Unless they're padded.

3:11 PM <mrs_padri>
The hallway is un-wallpapered or carpeted. You end up back in the normal hall after leaving through the Employee's Only door.

3:11 PM <•LadyKatie>
"Well that was weird."

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