12:47 PM <•Kade> Once back in the Hotel, Monty calls room service, gives their room hex code, then asks for information on how to become an employee there! After that, stand outside-door close-door open.
12:52 PM <mrs_padri> There's a note on your bed. "The hotel is not currently hiring. Management hopes all needs are being met, and suggests you leave any comments and complaints at the front desk."
12:57 PM <•Kade> Monty frownsm and goes to leave a comment at the front desk. 'Dear Management, you yourself have said that this Hotel is understaffed and thus why employees aren't always around or reply to requests quickly. I would like to help keep this place staffed. If I don't have the qualifications necessary, please just tell me instead of lying. Thank you for your
12:57 PM <•Kade> time, Montera Sou'wester." With that, they go back to their room!
12:58 PM <mrs_padri> No response.
12:59 PM <•Kade> They call Room service for information about getting a job here, again! They do that rigamarole.
1:00 PM <mrs_padri> Same note.
1:05 PM <•Kade> Monty sighs in frustration and asks to be allowed into Employee's Only room with the promise of not breaking anything!
1:06 PM <mrs_padri> Roll cha.
1:06 PM <•Kade> d10 +5 luck!
1:06 PM <Glacon> Kade: +5 luck!: 5 (d10=5)
1:06 PM <mrs_padri> Nothing obvious happens.
1:06 PM WixCoursework → Wixelt
1:07 PM <•Kade> "…Hmm…" Monty decides to go to the oldest part of the Hotel again!
1:08 PM <mrs_padri> It's much closer than it was last time. In fact, it's just around the corner.
1:08 PM <•Kade> Monty smiles and tries the door!
1:08 PM → SnoozyBee joined (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.991D5E21-CRInys|525721diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.991D5E21-CRInys|525721diu)
1:09 PM <mrs_padri> It… opens?
1:09 PM SnoozyBee → SpookyBee
1:09 PM <•Kade> Monty smiles brightly and carefully steps in! It still have that weird vibrating feeling in the floor?
1:11 PM <mrs_padri> This one doesn't have it, at least not now. But the air is moving much more noticibly than anywhere else in the hotel.
1:13 PM → Nemi joined (tac.yarts|em.deef#tac.yarts|em.deef)
1:14 PM <•Kade> "…Huh." Monty looks around. Can they see anything, or is it still dark?
1:15 PM <mrs_padri> It's dim, not dark. There's a small room, mostly concrete. There's a hall off of it.
1:20 PM <•Kade> ~This isn't the oldest room in the hotel I was lead to before..~ Monty looks a bit more around the small room. Just concrete, noting else of interest?
1:20 PM <mrs_padri> Yup. Definitely not meant for public eyes, though.
1:20 PM <•Kade> Monty follows the hallway back, then.
1:21 PM <mrs_padri> It's… long. And it starts to shake more and more as you go back.
1:25 PM <•Kade> ~The shaking is a bit more like I remember.~ Monty rests a hand on the wall to keep their balance as they go back!
1:26 PM <mrs_padri> As you put your hand on the wall, the shaking begins to lessen.
1:27 PM <•Kade> Monty blinks and takes their hand off the wall again as they continue back!
1:28 PM <mrs_padri> The shaking continues.
1:29 PM <•Kade> They place their hand against it again, then, and continue. ~is it… like it's scared?~
1:31 PM <•Kade> "…Hello? I, um, feel pretty silly doing this, but if, you know, if this Hotel, or, or Management, or whatever, can hear me, I promise not to hurt you. Like I said over the phone."
1:31 PM <mrs_padri> It shakes less with your hand.
1:33 PM <mrs_padri> There's a door at the end of the hall.
1:34 PM <•Kade> Monty very carefully, with their free hand, reaches out to open the door.
1:34 PM <mrs_padri> It… opens!
1:35 PM <•Kade> They peek inside! "Hello?"
1:36 PM <mrs_padri> Inside is a great big machine that expands and contracts. It clickclickclickclicks open and clickclickclicks shut again over and over. Above, there are three huge air ducts connected to the top of the machine. They branch off into many more, disappearing out above the walls.
1:37 PM <mrs_padri> the clickclickclick noise is not quiet and is constant.
1:39 PM <•Kade> Monty winces a bit at the noise. "So… This is the oldest part of the Hotel, huh?" They walk over to touch it gently. "Why would they be scared of me breaking it? It's not like I'm particularly strong…"
1:39 PM <•Kade> *touch the machine
1:39 PM <mrs_padri> It skips a click when you touch it.
1:40 PM <mrs_padri> The air moves even more in this room than it did in the first room.
1:40 PM <•Kade> They keep their hand on the machine, then. Is there anything else special to know about it?
1:41 PM <mrs_padri> Roll perception.
1:41 PM SpookyBee → DestinyBee
1:41 PM <•Kade> 2d14 +5 luck!
1:41 PM <Glacon> Kade: +5 luck!: 17 (2d14=4, 13)
1:42 PM <mrs_padri> There's a clump of electrical wires attached to the machine at various points, and a few attached to the ducts.
1:43 PM <•Kade> "So… this is where both the electricity and air comes from in this place? Wow. This is amazing." They pat the machine very gently.
1:44 PM <mrs_padri> It doesn't react.
1:46 PM <•Kade> After a while, they leave the room, closing the doors behind them gently.
1:46 PM <mrs_padri> It doesn't shake as you leave.
1:46 PM <mrs_padri> But the door clicks locked once you close it.
1:47 PM <•Kade> Monty smiles. They think of other "Employee's Only" doors and start walking!
1:48 PM <mrs_padri> Nothing. In fact, you see a lot of nothing.
1:50 PM <•Kade> "…" Monty stops. No doors at all? Not even normal ones? Or do they literally see nothing, including where the Hotel should be?
1:51 PM <mrs_padri> No, there's just scarcely doored halls, and few turns.
1:52 PM <•Kade> Monty follows again, then. They're trusting the Hotel on this, because it seems to be trusting them.
1:53 PM <mrs_padri> It ends up back at their guest rooms.
1:54 PM <•Kade> Monty frowns, then shrugs. ~I suppose I shouldn't push it too much at once.~ They go back in their room for now, leaving the door open!

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