(No) Strings On Me

Bao, Monty, Cirith, and Gehenna travel to a world of dead trees. They converse with an odd inhabitant who claims to be deceased. He shows the group a corpse mixed with crafting materials giving it a puppet like appearance. The group travel to a nearby town in search of answers. They find the town devoid of life but filled with similar puppet corpses. Upon entering Bao gets afflicted by curse slowly turning him into one of the puppets. After looking for clues Monty and Bao get cornered by a large avian monster while Cirith finds the source of the curse, a young boy. The group meet up with the monster not far behind. Cirith decides to hold the monster off while Monty and Bao convince the child to try and undo the curse. The child succeeds and without his power giving 'life' to the town everyone, including the child, wither away.

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