Noodle: A Fedorable Beginning!

<Kade> Monty wanders the hallways, as per usual!
<madness_> Monty.. There's a fedora on the floor of the hall! It has googly eyes that wobble their way to your own, blinking a few times.
<madness_> It rattles, staring curiously at you.
3:09 PM <Kade> Monty slowly beams in pure joy! They walk over carefully to pick up the fedora. "Well, hello there. And what are you, hat friend?"
<madness_> Every step you take the Fedora crawls away the same distance.
<Kade> "…Hmmm." Monty sits down. How far away is the fedora?
<madness_> It's about.. Ten paces away. ".. nnn…." Two tiny, pencil thin arms pop out from the sides of the hat, picking itself up by the brim, revealing equally thin legs.
<madness_> It sounds like a small child, scared and lost.
<Kade> Monty goes 8O at super cute hat babby! "Aww, are you scared? It's pretty scary here, sorry for spooking you. I'm Monty. And you?"
<madness_> It promptly runs off into one of the many open doors down into the hall!
<madness_> d10
<Glacon> madness_: 4 (d10=4)
<Kade> Monty follows slowly! They don't want to scare cutie.
<madness_> Monty, inside the door is darkness, roll PERC.. Do they have a flashlight?
<Kade> Nope!
<Kade> 2d14
<Glacon> Kade: 10 (2d14=4, 6)
<madness_> You hear a frightened whimper coming from in front of you, then something brushing against your leg and rushing back out into the Hall. Darkness must've scared the poor thing.
<Kade> Monty frowns. They turn around to look at it. "I can help you out, if you're lost. Is it…" They look at their hats, then take one in their hand. "…Is this these that are scaring you? They were like this when I found them. I'm sorry." They hold a beret out to the babby fedora. "See? you can check." They place it on the floor nearby.
<Kade> They turn away again to make babby fedora feel more comfortable.
<madness_> The fedorable baby pokes at the beret, looking to Monty for a moment. Then, it plops the beret on its head. It makes a happy noise, going to hug Monty's leg with its pencil drawn arms. It leaves some graphite marks on their clothes.
<Kade> Monty grins, then gently reaches down for the babby fedora carefully. "And do you have a name, cutie pie?"
<madness_> The Fedora, having been a dark brown earlier, turns into a dazzling white. It writes something on Monty's hands. 'Noodle'. Noodle wiggles around as it's picked up, just to wiggle. Like, a little wiggly dance.
<Kade> Monty grins! "It's very nice to meet you, Noodle! How'd a precious thing like you get here?"
<madness_> Noodle shrugs! And keeps wiggling. It hums a little song, pointing to the floor.
<Kade> "You walked here, huh?" Monty gently sets Noodle on their head. "Want some help getting home, buddy?"
<madness_> "Mm… Mm-mm!" Noodle firmly shakes its head. It climbs down onto Monty's shoulder, patting them on the cheek and pointing onwards down the hall!
<Kade> Monty nods! "Gotcha!" They start down the hallway, following Noodle's points!
<madness_> They pass an open door, with Noodle rapidly patting on Monty's cheek and pointing at it.
<madness_> d10
<Glacon> madness_: 5 (d10=5)
<madness_> It's a normal room. Wide open for some reason.
<Kade> "Oop, okay!" They step into the room, looking around. "Is this where you're from?"
<madness_> It hops down onto the bed, leaving little grey-black marks while they walk. "Mm-mm!" So, that's a no. Mysterious one, Noodle.
<Kade> "So, next room? Or are you sleepy and wanna take a nap?"
<madness_> Noodle looks up with its googly eyes, deep in thought. Noodle raises their hands to Monty, wanting to be picked up!
<Kade> Monty smiles and gently picks up Noodle. "Lead the way, Noodle!"
<madness_> It hops on Monty's shoulder, taking a knee and pointing to the next open door!
<madness_> d10
<Glacon> madness_: 10 (d10=10)
<Kade> Monty grins and brings Noodle over!"is this where you're from, Noodle? Lucky you!"
<madness_> "Mm-hm!" Noodle rapidly hops up and down in excitement! Wee!
<madness_> It starts raining galaxy macaroons, even though the sky is rather clear.
<madness_> What a lovely place!
<Kade> Monty gasps, and sets Noodle down gently. "Well, I guess you're home now, huh? So you can go play, if you want."
<madness_> Noodle points Monty towards a grassy hill, where instead of green, the grass is pink! There's a small tree at the top. Seems Noodle wants you to travel up there!
<Kade> Monty smiles and travels up there with Noodle!
<madness_> The hill overlooks some woods and.. Oh wow. A small metropolis. There's a few days of light coming from the woods, followed by two big fedoras, googly eyes scanning around in worry.
<madness_> Noodle looks to Monty and hops a few times! They rapidly point to the two bigger fedoras, wiggles intensifying.
<Kade> Monty smiles sadly and gently sets Noodle down. "Go back to your parents now, okay? It seems like they missed you a lot."
<madness_> It looks down for a moment. Then hugs Monty's leg one last time, running over to their parents! Noodle stops halfway, looking back to Monty momentarily before making a happy noise, similar to a 'Weee!' and running the rest of the way to their parents, jumping and hugging them.
<madness_> Noodle waves their thin arms at you as the bigger of the two fedoras carries them back to the metropolis.
<Kade> Monty watches a while, fidgeting, before forcing themselves to run out out of the room so they don't steal the hats. They close the door behind them and close their watery eyes.
<madness_> There's something written on your pant leg, Monty.
<Kade> Monty looks down at their pant leg to read what is written.
<madness_> 'I'll see you again, Monty! :) Best Wishes, ~' A little squiggly line is probably Noodle's signature.
<Kade> They choke out a watery laugh. ~Noodle… It'd be best for both of us if you kept away from me.~
<madness_> Too bad they don't know that! Noodle only sees the Samaritan in you, Monty.

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