Purple and Yarp

Mary, Genesis, Rel, and Lawrence follow a cat back to Earth-15 and into a warehouse the guests have been to before. There, they meet two new characters: a large man they refer to as Purple and a small man who tells them its name is Yarp. Yarp gives them what looks to be a telephone's guts attached to a fire extinguisher and tells them to dial 911 when they've figured out the Hotel's secrets.

8:49 PM <mrs_padri> A cat rubs up against Mari's leg under the table.
8:50 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis insert here
8:50 PM <Kade> Does Rel know about the cats from his ten years here?
8:50 PM <mrs_padri> Sure!
8:51 PM <Nemi> Mari peeks down at the cat and … She brightens. ".. hiii there, kitty.." She'll reach down to tentatively offer a hand!
8:52 PM <Kade> Rel grins at Genesis! "Hey! I'm Rel!!" He then looks down at the cat. "Looks like the Hotel wants us to go somewhere. They're only nice when they want you to follow them."
8:52 PM <mrs_padri> Nope. It wanders off towards the door, swaying its butt at her in that tantalizing way cats do.
8:52 PM <•WetBeard> 1d4 but do I work
8:52 PM <Glacon> WetBeard: but do I work: 2 (1d4=2)
8:52 PM <Kade> "Told you!"
8:52 PM <•WetBeard> Nope. Genesis has no personality and simply stares and blinks at Rel before watching c@t
8:53 PM <mrs_padri> Y'know, the way they do when they're showing you where their food bowl is.
8:53 PM <Kade> Rel blinks then shrugs, and grabs Genesis's robo-hand to drag it along!
8:54 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis is a led! "Animal?"
8:54 PM <Nemi> "Oh- oh, really? .. okay.." Mari .. looks at Genesis, confused, but she gets up with her remannt Jamaican Patty and follows CAT.
8:54 PM <mrs_padri> It wanders off down the hall towards… A door.
8:55 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis looks at Mari, Rel, then c@
8:56 PM <Kade> "Kneew it!" Rel continues dragging Genesis along, then looks at the cat once he gets to the door. "You gonna open it this time, or is that my job?"
8:56 PM <mrs_padri> It sits, staring at the door and swishing its tail.
8:57 PM <Kade> "My job, then!" Rel grins and reaches forward to open the door!
8:57 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis looks at Rel who continues to drag it along. Looking at him blankly. Not that Genesis could display much emotion in the first place.
8:58 PM <Nemi> ".. I don't like doors," Mari frowns at it.
8:58 PM <mrs_padri> Swish, swish.
8:58 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens easily. There's a street outside.
8:58 PM <mrs_padri> The cat wanders out.
8:58 PM <madness_> Lawrence is here now, following the everybody!
8:59 PM <•WetBeard> "Door's are not typically objects that cause harm without human error." It watches door cautiously before looking at street.
8:59 PM <Kade> Rel looks back at Genesis and grins! "Hey! Nice robot-y-ness!!" He steps out and looks around. "So, where'd you bring me now?"
8:59 PM <mrs_padri> It looks like a… warehouse district!
8:59 PM <•WetBeard> "Hello."
9:00 PM <Nemi> Mari frowns, inhales, and …
9:00 PM <mrs_padri> There's one right across the street. And a few down the street on either side.
9:00 PM <Nemi> ".. well.. let's.. go then."
9:01 PM <Kade> "Sounds good!" Rel starts heelying his way to the nearest one!
9:02 PM <Nemi> Mari trudges along, grudgingly.
9:02 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis follows excite!child
9:02 PM <mrs_padri> That'd be the one across the street!
9:02 PM <mrs_padri> There's stairs up to the door, so you can't wheel up em.
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9:03 PM <mrs_padri> It's nighttime, and there's practically no traffic.
9:03 PM <madness_> Lawrence follows, wide-eyed.
9:03 PM <•WetBeard> "Be careful it is dark."
9:03 PM <Kade> Rel sighs and step up them normally, then. "Laaame."
9:04 PM <Kade> *steps up
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9:04 PM <Nemi> Mari flutters along. At least she's her own nightlight.
9:05 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis blinks at second door.
9:05 PM <mrs_padri> Does Rel try the door or wait for everyone?
9:07 PM <Nemi> Mari will stay near the base of the stairs while Rel figures what he wants to do with the door. Seeing the place like this- warehouse district and all- makes her a little hopeful.
9:08 PM <•WetBeard> If Rel doesn't Genesis sure does
9:08 PM <•WetBeard> Doors are of excite
9:08 PM <Kade> Well, he looks over the door, first! Not the first time the Hotel would have lead him into a booby trap. Jerks.
9:08 PM <mrs_padri> The door sticks, but then it opens. Looks like it's unlocked. Too bad, Rel!
9:09 PM <Kade> Well, then!! Rel pushes past Genesis to zoom in!! "I got dibs on whatever is in here!!"
9:09 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis is of pushed, stumbling forward before recomposing itself without a word.
9:10 PM <mrs_padri> It's a great big empty warehouse! There's three doors all on the wall opposite, one near the left side, one near the right side, and one in the middle.
9:11 PM <Nemi> Mari scurries in when the door doesn't pull the cool robot or Rel into the NEGATIVE ZONE. She looks all around and .. She'll go to the RIGHT door, actually curious now.
9:11 PM <mrs_padri> It's great big and tall inside.
9:11 PM <Kade> Rel zooms past all of them, opening the doors in the process!!
9:11 PM <madness_> Lawrence steps in after everyone. And goes to take the door on the left!
9:11 PM <Kade> Zoooom!!
9:11 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis sticks behind at the entrance because lonely.
9:11 PM <mrs_padri> Again, they're unlocked! In the right is a room with stairs, to the left is a room with a great big cage inside.
9:12 PM <Nemi> "Wah hey!"
9:12 PM <Kade> Rel circles back to Genesis after a bit and grabs its hand, "C'mon, we got stuff to explore, dude!"
9:12 PM <mrs_padri> The middle is not quite as wide as a room.
9:12 PM <mrs_padri> but it's long, like a hallway!
9:12 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis pulls it's hand out of reach of mean hooman. Self safety first as Genesis was taught.
9:13 PM <madness_> Lawrence examines the caged room!
9:13 PM <mrs_padri> It's empty. But there's a great big lock (unlocked) on the door.
9:13 PM <Kade> Rel fowns! "Hey, I didn't mean to hurt you before! I um, I just got excited. Sorry??"
9:14 PM <Kade> *frowns!
9:15 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis looks at Rel up and down. If only it had a personality with emotions to abide by. It goes over to left door.
9:15 PM <Nemi> ".. I'm.. I want to um..I found stairs," Mari says, lamely. Up or down?
9:15 PM <madness_> He goes to open that door, then!
9:16 PM <mrs_padri> Up!
9:17 PM <Nemi> Mari heads up the stairs, moving carefully!
9:17 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis looks at cage.
9:17 PM <mrs_padri> It's empty inside, but room sized.
9:17 PM <mrs_padri> Roll agi, Mary.
9:17 PM <mrs_padri> Mari
9:18 PM <Kade> Rel siiiighs but zooms into the hallway! bathrooms on the left, correct?
9:18 PM <mrs_padri> Yup!
9:18 PM <Nemi> d10
9:18 PM <Glacon> Nemi: 9 (d10=9)
9:19 PM <mrs_padri> She manages not to make a sound, she's so careful!
9:19 PM <mrs_padri> It's a long hall at the top of the stairs.
9:19 PM <Kade> He pushes open the door to the guy's bathroom! Anything cool in here??
9:19 PM <mrs_padri> It's just a bathroom. A public bathroom, maybe he thinks that's cool?
9:19 PM <•WetBeard> Can Genesis examine cage?
9:20 PM <Nemi> Mari peeks around the upper corridor and will carefully proceed down!
9:20 PM <Kade> Naah. He giggles to himself and peeks into the /girls/ bathroom, though.
9:20 PM <mrs_padri> Yes, Genesis can!
9:21 PM <mrs_padri> Ooh, Rel! You're so bad!
9:21 PM <madness_> Lawrence will follow Rel, still utterly confused about this whole place.
9:21 PM <mrs_padri> It's a great big cage that locks! Built into the walls so it's secure!
9:21 PM <Kade> Yeep! He can't stop giggling to himself. Anything cool in /this/ forboden room?
9:22 PM <•WetBeard> 1d12 Genesis looks for small details like animal droppings etc
9:22 PM <Glacon> WetBeard: Genesis looks for small details like animal droppings etc: 7 (1d12=7)
9:22 PM <mrs_padri> None.
9:23 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis would be disappointed if it could be.
9:24 PM <Kade> He siiiighs. Stairs at the other end of the hall it is, then!
9:25 PM <Kade> "Oh. Hi, Larry! Didn't see you there, dude."
9:25 PM <mrs_padri> Mari is waiting at the bottom of them?
9:25 PM <madness_> "Larry? Is that what you're taking to calling me?" Lawrence blinks.
9:25 PM <Nemi> Mari meant that she'd proceed down the hallway, sorry! Silly wording!
9:25 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis goes to hunt down the hoomans
9:26 PM <mrs_padri> Oh! Roll perc, Mari.
9:26 PM <mrs_padri> Auditory.
9:26 PM <Kade> Rel looks at Mari! "Oh, yo! So hat's where those other stairs go?" He then looks over at Lawrence, grinning. "And, yep! You're Larry now!"
9:26 PM <mrs_padri> No, Mari's still upstairs.
9:27 PM <Kade> redact Mari part. He goes upstairs instead!
9:27 PM <mrs_padri> Pause a sec before going upstairs so i can address Mari
9:27 PM <madness_> "Alright then." Lawrence chuckles at the new nick and follows.
9:28 PM <mrs_padri> Nemi?
9:28 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis watches and observes. Learning!
9:32 PM <Nemi> d10
9:32 PM <Glacon> Nemi: 4 (d10=4)
9:33 PM <mrs_padri> Once you get to the end of the hall, you hear someone talking.
9:33 PM <mrs_padri> Can't quite hear what they're saying.
9:35 PM <Nemi> Mari approaches closer. Other people! Could it be?
9:35 PM <mrs_padri> Does she try the door or listen to it?
9:38 PM <Nemi> She'll listen first!
9:39 PM <mrs_padri> "…but McCray /definitely/ saw something here." "I mean, I'm getting traces, but this whole world…" "I'll go check the doors again." Unpause downstairs.
9:39 PM <mrs_padri> The doorknob moves.
9:39 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens.
9:40 PM <mrs_padri> A large dark man stands in the doorway. He stares at you, Mari.
9:40 PM <Nemi> Mari stares back. She .. holds a hand up. ".. hi?"
9:40 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis is somewhere I dunno even where
9:40 PM <Kade> Rel stairs!
9:41 PM Aphex_ → Awayphex_
9:41 PM <mrs_padri> He steps out and closes the door after him. Without the backlighting, you can see that he's… purplish? "Where'd you come from?"
9:42 PM <madness_> Lawrence also stairs!
9:42 PM <Nemi> ".. I was in a hotel and there was a door that opened up, um, to a place across the street? I wanted to see what was here sorry I didn't know that.."
9:43 PM <mrs_padri> "Found it!" He turns and sees Rel and Lawrence.
9:44 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis floors.
9:44 PM <madness_> "Well, hello there."
9:44 PM <Nemi> ".. Found what?"
9:44 PM <mrs_padri> "How many times have you been here so far?"
9:45 PM <Kade> "…." Rel stop at the purple dude. "Hotel, why are you only showing me worlds with living people /NOW/??" He mutters this to himself.
9:45 PM <Nemi> ".. here? This is the first. I think?"
9:45 PM <Kade> He see the room and door behind the purple dude?
9:46 PM <mrs_padri> The door behind the purple dude is closed. "And you guys?"
9:46 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis goes to the stairs? I believe that's where everyone else is.
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9:48 PM <mrs_padri> It is!
9:49 PM <Kade> Any room behd purple dude. "Um. Unless everyone's been dead in past times, nope!"
9:49 PM <Kade> *behind purple dude?
9:49 PM <mrs_padri> Yes! The door to it is closed.
9:50 PM <Kade> I meant 'room' as in 'space between purple guy and the door'
9:52 PM <mrs_padri> Oh, not really.
9:57 PM <Nemi> ".. Soooo.. Um.. Are you guys going to answer him?"
9:57 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis stands there blankly, not answering?
9:58 PM <mrs_padri> Genesis didn't hear the question. "Aw, they have a robot. Can you build us one, too?"
9:58 PM <Kade> "I said no, I haven't been here before, dude. And,, um, don't think so?? Sorry???"
9:59 PM <Nemi> ".. You need a robot? I don't know how to build one.."
10:00 PM <mrs_padri> "No, not you. Sorry." He shifts, revealing the giant ass gun on his back. He's big like a quarterback. Maybe even slightly bigger. "Why'd the Hotel send you here?"
10:01 PM <Nemi> ".. I don't know- it sends people places? I just know there was a cat, or something.." Mari really doesn't know diddly.
10:01 PM <•WetBeard> 'Robot' stares at big man.
10:01 PM <Nemi> She takes a step back at sighting the gun.
10:03 PM <mrs_padri> The door behind him opens. A 4 foot male steps out. He has… 4 fingers, including thumbs. "They don't know yet?"
10:04 PM <Kade> "Wait, what? You know about the Hotel? And, well, one of the cats did. You know them?"
10:04 PM <Nemi> "Know what?" Mari stares at the tiny man. She's deeply confuesd.
10:05 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis gets the bad vibes from these two
10:05 PM <Kade> "The cats. The send us places and unlock locked doors when they want us to go somewhere to do stuff."
10:06 PM <mrs_padri> Little looks confused for a second. "Yeah, I know about the hotel. The cats are just cats, as far as I can tell." Purple nods.
10:06 PM <Nemi> "I.. I- what's going /on/, please?"
10:07 PM <•WetBeard> "Why?"
10:07 PM <Kade> "They unlock doors, though. That, um, doesn't seem normal??"
10:08 PM <mrs_padri> Short holds his hand out to Mari. "Yarp. A pleasure."
10:08 PM <mrs_padri> Purple says to Rel: "It turns out it is, though. It's just … sciency."
10:09 PM <Nemi> Mari … blinks and .. Takes the offered hand with one of hers. ".. Mariyah. Um. I think it's a pleasure."
10:09 PM <Kade> "Dude. I only finished fourth grade. I probably wouldn't get it."
10:09 PM <mrs_padri> Little flashes a smile at her. "Here, I've got a present for you." He ducks back into the room.
10:09 PM <Kade> "Also, I'm Rel! Hi!!"
10:10 PM <Nemi> ".. oh-kay.."
10:10 PM <mrs_padri> Purple nods to Rel and says, "I didn't really get it, either. Yarp tends to use big words."
10:11 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis continues to observe and learn as it was constructed to do
10:11 PM <Kade> "Heh. Glad I'm not the only one then." Rel grins at Purple and nods back!
10:15 PM <Kade> "What's your name, Dude? or well, I could keep calling you Purple in my head??"
10:15 PM <mrs_padri> Yarp comes out again with a … strange device. It's mostly composed of a telephone reciever like the ones from the hotel. It's attached to a… fire extinguisher? With things sticking out of it?
10:15 PM <mrs_padri> Purple shrugs.
10:16 PM <Nemi> Mari stares, still baffled. "…. what is that?"
10:17 PM <Kade> Rel nods. "Purple it is, then. Nice ta meetcha, Purple!!"
10:17 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis would frown if it could.
10:17 PM <mrs_padri> Yarp says, "It's like a phone sort of. I want you to call me when you guys figure it out. 9-1-1," he says, pointing to the numbers.
10:18 PM <Nemi> ".. oh, like American emergency number.. O-kay.." Mari will take the peculiar telephone in both arms.
10:18 PM <mrs_padri> "I thought it was funny." He has a weird grin.
10:18 PM <mrs_padri> Kind of like Peewee.
10:19 PM <Kade> Rel is kinda creeped out by Little's smile.
10:20 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis studies the device.
10:20 PM <mrs_padri> "You sure?" Purple says. Yarp nods. "I want to talk to them again when they know what's actually going on there."
10:23 PM <Nemi> ".. Alright.. If, I get anything then… I'll… Be sure to call?"
10:24 PM <mrs_padri> "Thank you," Yarp says, nodding. "If that's all, I think we'll be going?"
10:24 PM <Kade> "Why can't I just Door you when we figure it out? I know how to use them as short cuts, as long as the Hotel doesn't get mad."
10:24 PM <mrs_padri> "Door me?" Yarp says, confused.
10:25 PM <•WetBeard> "What will we find out?"
10:26 PM <Kade> "Yeah, just like, have the door to this place bring me to you, It works as long as there's a wall that a door can fit on nearby."
10:26 PM <Kade> *you. It
10:27 PM <mrs_padri> "Even in other universes?" Yarp says, fascinated. To Genesis: "Telling would be cheating."
10:27 PM <•WetBeard> "Whose rules?"
10:28 PM <Kade> "Well, it's kinda messier here, but yeah, I just step back into the Hotel close the door, and open it again… as long as the Hotel doesn't ground me for misbehaving, at least. Heh."
10:28 PM <Nemi> "Wait- you can /do/ that?" Mari gapes at REl.
10:28 PM <mrs_padri> "I don't think that'll work with us," Yarp says, smiling.
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10:29 PM <Kade> Rel grins at Mari. "Well, I think I've been there most of my life? So it makes sense I'd figure out a few things, you know??" He then nods at Yarp. "Gotcha!"
10:30 PM <Nemi> "I.. I.. /okay/- right!" She holds the phone-thing protectively.
10:30 PM <mrs_padri> "Anything else?" Yarp asks.
10:31 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis looks around.
10:31 PM <Nemi> Mari shakes her head, still a bit in a daze.
10:32 PM <Kade> "One last thing!" He grins and points at Purple. "You're cool. Let's hang out some time, okay??"
New messages
10:32 PM <mrs_padri> Purple crooks a smile. Yarp says "I hope we'll be doing lots of that once you catch up! It was a pleasure meeting all of you."
10:33 PM <mrs_padri> They go back into the room and close the door after them.
10:34 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis attempts to open door.
10:34 PM <mrs_padri> It opens! The room is completely empty. No other doors.
10:34 PM <Kade> Rel nods. "Sounds good! See ya then!!" He runs back down the stairs, then heeleys the rest of the way!
10:34 PM <•WetBeard> Genesis tilts head - A common display of confusion, before closing door.
10:36 PM <Nemi> Mari hugs the 'phone' to herself and scurries on after Rel! "Come on, um, robot!"
10:37 PM <•WetBeard> "Coming." Genesis follows.

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