Rel Gets an Owl

7:11 PM <Kade> a stuffed owl sits between many large piles of candy. Rel's.. somewhere in them, still trying to sort it all
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7:15 PM <~LadyKatie> The owl makes no noise because Rel hasn't hugged it
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7:38 PM <Kade> Rel goes over to hug the owl gently, then dives back into the candy piles!
7:39 PM <~LadyKatie> *Scree!*
7:41 PM <Kade> Rel hopes the screes aren't supposed to be signs of Doing a Bad. If so, hehe oops?
7:45 PM <Kade> Looking between the lollipop in his hand and the owl, he unwraps the candy and puts it in the plush's beak!
7:47 PM <~LadyKatie> It seems to spit out the lollipop.
7:47 PM <~LadyKatie> There's a knock on Rel's door.
7:48 PM <Kade> Rel looks between the owl and the lollipop. Any directions on the bottom of it or anything?
7:48 PM <~LadyKatie> No. But there was a knock on his door.
7:50 PM <Kade> Rel wades through his candy to get the door!
7:50 PM <~LadyKatie> There's a covered dish on the floor in front of his door. On it is a note. "Remember, to be a good pet owner you have to feed your pet right! Try these for your new friend. -Management"
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7:58 PM <Kade> "Thank you!" Rel calls out to the Hotel, then grabs the plate and brings it over to his plush owl! He then pulls off the cover to look what the snack is for his feathered friendo!
8:00 PM <~LadyKatie> IT'S THREE DEAD (and blind) MICE
8:04 PM <Kade> Rel eeps a little, staring for a bit before slooowly reaching out to touch one and test if it was real!
8:06 PM <~LadyKatie> It's squishy like it's real.
8:08 PM <Kade> Rel winces a little, but hesitantly picks up the deadmau5 and puts in the plush owl's beak!
8:11 PM <Kade> *dead mouse
8:11 PM <Kade> >.>
8:11 PM <~LadyKatie> "OM NOM NOM" says the owl while it eats the mouse. Oh god you can hear bones crunching.
8:12 PM <Kade> Rel whimpers and cowers under the nearest candy pile!
8:13 PM <~LadyKatie> "I'm still hungry." it says in a super chipper voice.
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8:14 PM <Kade> Rel squeaks in terror and gives it another mouse so it won't attack him!!
8:16 PM <~LadyKatie> "Om nom nom!" It eats this one too.
8:16 PM <~LadyKatie> "I still have room for one more!"
8:16 PM <Kade> He puts the last one in its beak then runs away to hide behind the farthest candy pile!
8:17 PM <~LadyKatie> "Om nom nom!"
8:18 PM <~LadyKatie> "Thank you for feeding me, Reylt."
8:20 PM <Kade> Rel shudders, and whispers to himself, "It's Relyt." He might have to hide and cry for a while after this.
8:21 PM <~LadyKatie> "I'm sorry Relyt. But I know we can be best friends! *Scree!*:
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8:25 PM <Kade> "Bi-Birds don't talk, though!!" He curls up tighter, eyes watering. Wiiimp.
8:26 PM <~LadyKatie> "I'm not a real bird though."
8:27 PM <Kade> Cue another whimper. Time to start stress-nomming the cady pile he's currently in!
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8:28 PM <~LadyKatie> It's a really good sized candy pile. The Owlby goes quiet.
8:29 PM <Kade> The stress eating stops after a little while, thankfully. He slowly peeks his head out at the Owlby!
8:30 PM <~LadyKatie> It looks like a stuffed owl! Just like the one Fitz has!
8:32 PM <Kade> He stands up and tiptoes over to his bed, try not to make it TALK AGAIN BECAUSE IT HORRIFYING
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8:33 PM <~LadyKatie> "Why are you sad, Rel?"
8:34 PM <Kade> He shrieks and cowers away from it. "Because you're terrifying!!"
8:35 PM <~LadyKatie> "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be. The Hotel sent me to teach you how to be a responsible pet owner. They thought if I could talk it would be easier for you."
8:41 PM <Kade> He sniffles a little. "I mean I get it?? But you're a cute bird plushie, and you're talking happily about eating dead animals!! I'm, I'm gonna have to get used to??"
8:42 PM <~LadyKatie> "Oh, okay."
8:42 PM <~LadyKatie> "I should also let you know I throw up pellets. But you can pick them apart and get the bones out and make things with them!"
8:45 PM <Kade> Rel blinks. "..Okay??"
8:45 PM <~LadyKatie> "It's not as gross as it sounds!"
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8:46 PM <Kade> "Aaalright.."
8:47 PM <~LadyKatie> "Anyway, get back to your candy. Unlike a real pet, I don't need your constant undivided attention."
8:51 PM <Kade> "Okay.." He sneaks back over to the candy piles to continue sorting.

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