Well, everyone was children in the dining hall, with the exception of Sydney Mars. A zombie showed up in the dining hall. It was swiftly dispatched by the combined efforts of Mars and Gehanna who had grown up not a moment too soon. Relyt Idgaf had teleported most of the kids out of there, with the exception of young Amy Campbell.. who realized that the dead zombie on her floor is her dad from another dimension. With zombies. She saw him die. Again, I might add. Cordelia Geralds fucked up some zombies to save the children as they were swarmed by a bunch of undead freaks in the dining hall. Again. Child Cirith Vash-An was almost killed twice. Well, her host almost was. Relyt and Genny found the source of the ghouls and shut it easily. Gehanna went back to her room after the chaos was over. So did everyone else. And people should really tip room service. They're going a nice job of cleaning the place up.

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