Something New

<Kade> Monty wanders the hotel.
<Kade> They think of going somewhere new.
<•mrs_padri> They end up in a hall with all open doors.
<Kade> Monty blinks! They peek into the nearest room.
<•mrs_padri> It looks just like the room Monty's staying in! But it's empty.
<•mrs_padri> There are… 8 rooms, total, before the hall curves again.
<Kade> "…Huh." They start carefully checking the room- closet, medicine cabinet, under the bed, etc. for something left behind.
<•mrs_padri> No medicine cabinet, actually. Also, no shower door, no toilet tank, no faucet on the sink, no towel rack, no bar across the closet for hangers to go on.
<Kade> "….huh." ~It's like it's been stripped bare.~ They go the room across from that one.
<•mrs_padri> It's essentially the same thing, with slight differences. The hooks for the bar in the closet are there in this one; so is the cabinet part of the medicine cabinet. It's missing the door with the mirror on it, though the hinges are there.
<Kade> ~What happened here? Is this area… just, somehow, half-finished?~ They move on to the next room!
<•mrs_padri> This room has less things missing! It has one of two shower doors, the toilet tank is present, although lid-less, there is a faucet. Towel rack is still non-present.
<Kade> ~…Is the room.. being built up bit by bit?~ They go to the next room.
<•mrs_padri> Next one as in across the hall or as in down the hall?
<Kade> Across. They want to keep the (vague) pattern they have going.
<•mrs_padri> Again, much similar. It's missing the handle on the one present shower door and on the toilet tank, though.
<Kade> Down the hall, then across, then down. They get the theme. Unless something unexpected appears in these searches, they'll get through 'em quicker now.
<•mrs_padri> Well, there's only two left now.
<Kade> Well, down then.
<•mrs_padri> In the next one, the toilet is all present As are the shower doors. And the door to the medicine cabinet. The bar in the closet and the towel rack are still non-present. On the floor, though, are eight inch-diameter round plastic things. Wis to figure out what they are.
<Kade> d12 ayyyy
<•mrs_padri> …
<Kade> rip
<Kade> d12
<Glacon> Kade: 9 (d12=9)
<•mrs_padri> They look like… Furniture feet.
<•mrs_padri> Which is supported by their layout: two rectangles.
<Kade> The bathtub is already in the bathroom, right?
<•mrs_padri> Yup.
<Kade> Something like this isn't in their room, right?
<•mrs_padri> There's a bathtub in their room.
<•mrs_padri> There isn't anything in this room that wasn't in Monty's room when Monty first showed up, but there's plenty in Monty's room that isn't in this one.
<•mrs_padri> Oh, yeah, those are in Monty's room. Attached to the feet of the bed and the feet of the dresser.
<Kade> Monty checks that they're on the bed and dresser here. If they're here.
<•mrs_padri> No bed or dresser. Just the feet.
<•mrs_padri> The plastic things.
<Kade> "…" ~In the last room, then…~ They go into the last room.
<•mrs_padri> Sitting atop the plastic things are these, minus screws:
<•mrs_padri> They look like the bottoms of your bed and dresser, again.
<Kade> "…" Monty leaves the room and turns the corner to the next hallway.
<Kade> No other rooms like that in the next hallway, huh?
<•mrs_padri> Nope. Next hallway isn't the same thing. It isn't where you ended up.
<Kade> Monty thinks about going back to the hall they were just in and they turn around to go back around the same corner they just came from.
<•mrs_padri> The hall they were just examining, or the hall around the corner from it?
<Kade> the hall they were just examining.
<•mrs_padri> It's there.
<Kade> Monty goes around the corner again, thinking about another hallway with open doors that continues the continuity of this one.
<•mrs_padri> The hall dead-ends almost immediately. But instead of a flat wall, the wall is bowed. It's shaped vaguely like looking at the inside of a ball, sphered outwards, if that makes any sense. (Having trouble thinking how else to describe it.)
<Kade> It makes sense. Monty blinks, bewildered, and reaches out to press a hand to the most outward spot.
<Kade> outward meaning most curved away from Monty
<•mrs_padri> It gives, just slightly.
<Kade> "….Huh." Monty tries to push on curvy wall with all their nonexistent strength.
<Kade> d8 nonexistent strength
<Glacon> Kade: nonexistent strength: 6 (d8=6)
<•mrs_padri> It pushes outwards slightly, then reaches a point where it rebounds and pushes Monty back and away.
<Kade> Monty is pushed back and away and falls on their butt! They sigh, then get up and turn to go back. They don't have any place in mind.
<•mrs_padri> It's not quite that strong, but it could do it from unexpectedness.

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