The Sun(s) Will Set For You

<LadyKatie> Delia is still in her room
3:03 PM <Aphex_> Fitz tinkers with the HFD in his own room.
3:04 PM <Kade> Monty is crocheting in their room!
3:05 PM <madness_> Bao is probably cleaning his gun.
3:05 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia goes for a walk around the hotel.
3:06 PM <mrs_padri> Once she takes the turn around the corner from the rooms people are staying in, it dead ends.
3:06 PM <Aphex_> The HFD whirrs its way into the hall outside of Fitz's door, following Cordelia.
3:06 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and gets up to follow Cordelia and she goes by! "Hey, Cordelia! Thanks for the hats last night!"
3:06 PM <Kade> Monty blinks at the dead end. "…Huh."
3:06 PM <mrs_padri> There's a door at the end with … what're those called? the containers that carry water? hanging on a hook.
3:07 PM <LadyKatie> "Oh, no problem. I didn't think I'd wear them again any time soon…" She looks at the weird door.
3:07 PM <mrs_padri> Monty, you recognize the door number.
3:07 PM <madness_> Bao steps out of his room to see what all the commotion's about.
3:07 PM <Kade> Is it the double sun room?
3:07 PM <Aphex_> The drone returns to Fitz's room, which is replaced by Fitz himself. "…So what's this all about?"
3:07 PM <mrs_padri> Yes!
3:08 PM <LadyKatie> "I have no idea."
3:08 PM <Kade> "Oooh. Apparently, the hotel thinks we should go to the world with the doubles suns…" Monty takes the canteens. "…And that we should bring water."
3:09 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and waves at Fitz! "Also, hello there! I'm Monty, and you?"
3:09 PM <LadyKatie> "Double suns? That sounds miserable."
3:09 PM <Aphex_> "Oh, that's exactly what I wanted to do wi-… oh, hello." The sarcasm is strong, then tapers off.
3:10 PM <Aphex_> "…name's Theodore, just call me Fitz." He mutters.
3:11 PM <mrs_padri> There are five canteens.
3:11 PM <Kade> "Oh, it is. It's incredibly hot- thus the water, I presume. But, I have a feeling it might keep bringing us back her if we try to leave the main hallway."
3:12 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia grabs two
3:12 PM <madness_> Bao remains silent, slinging his AK over his shoulder. He puts out his hand to take a canteen.
3:13 PM <Aphex_> "…" Fitz rolls his drone over in his hand. "so we're being forced to go huh? Great~." More sarcasm as he takes a canteen.
3:13 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and gives one to Bao. "Hello there! I'm Monty. And you are?"
3:14 PM <Kade> "Well, we could always check first. Perhaps the lost and found?" Monty goes to the end of the hallways, thinking of going there.
3:14 PM <madness_> "Bao." He doesn't smile back, his tone is deadpan and he's a tall Asian dude.
3:14 PM <mrs_padri> Does anyone follow Monty?
3:14 PM <Aphex_> Fitz follows reluctantly.
3:15 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia is not following, she just happens to go in the same direction as everyone else.
3:15 PM <mrs_padri> Monty ends up at lost and found, but the two-sun-world door is right next to the door to lost and found.
3:16 PM <Kade> Monty blinks. "…Well then. perhaps we should call Room Service for clothing that relieves us of heat, and then leave?"
3:16 PM <Aphex_> "…" Fitz looks at the door to the Two-Sun world, seemingly baffled.
3:17 PM <mrs_padri> The last canteen is still on the door.
3:17 PM <LadyKatie> "But I don't /want/ to go to a world with two suns." too bad, Delia, I want you to go.
3:18 PM <Kade> "It won't stop appearing until we go. It only makes sense, right?" Who doesn't have a canteen yet?
3:18 PM <LadyKatie> Delia has two.
3:19 PM <Aphex_> Fitz has one.
3:19 PM <mrs_padri> Monty?
3:19 PM <mrs_padri> Monty just gave one to Bao?
3:19 PM <Kade> Monty takes the last one, then!
3:19 PM <madness_> Bao dons an Asian conical hat. And Bao has one indeed!
3:20 PM <Kade> "So, we go back to our rooms, ask room service for clothing that can keep us regulated in very hot or cold temperatures, and then go. Sound good?"
3:20 PM <LadyKatie> "If I must." She heads off to her room to get changed into something light.
3:22 PM <Kade> Monty goes to their room, calls room service for clothing that can regulate their temperature in insanely hot or cold climates, then waits outside the closed door to their room for a bit before going back into it!
3:22 PM <mrs_padri> Nothing is apparently different, Monty.
3:23 PM <Kade> Monty blinks, then looks in their closet. Anything different there?
3:23 PM <mrs_padri> Yup! It's a surprisingly thick outfit, made out of weird material.
3:24 PM <LadyKatie> Delia changes into light clothing that isn't dark as can be, and wraps her neck in a light scarf.
3:24 PM <Kade> Monty puts it on, then attaches their hats at various places before going outside their room to wait for the others!
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3:24 PM <madness_> Bao remains in his fatigues. And of course his conical hat.
3:26 PM <Aphex_> Fitz, like Bao, remains in his usual clothes.
3:26 PM <mrs_padri> Looks like no one else is changing, Monty.
3:26 PM <Aphex_> His bag is slung over his shoulder, containing most of his gear.
3:27 PM <LadyKatie> Delia looks weird not dressed in all black. But hey, her neck is still covered. Some things never change.
3:27 PM <Kade> Monty sighs. "…You don't seem to understand. One of the people almost /died/ from the heat there."
3:29 PM <mrs_padri> The door is still at the end of the hall.
3:29 PM <Aphex_> "'m packing light." He has a t-shirt on and some jeans, plus a hat if need be.
3:29 PM <Kade> "Going in regular clothes probably isn't the best idea, but if you want to…" Monty passes over their canteen to Fitz. "You might need this more than me. Ready, everyone?"
3:30 PM <madness_> Bao nods.
3:30 PM <LadyKatie> "No, but I don't think I ever will be."
3:31 PM <Aphex_> "Alright… then. i'll just hand it off later then." He starts muttering. "Oh, uh, as ready as I can be. Which is to say not at all."
3:31 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and nods. "Best we can do, at least." With that, Monty walks over to the door and carefully tries to open it.
3:34 PM <mrs_padri> It opens. It's dark inside. The light falls across a room with boxes and bedding. The buckets are gone, and the "dog" is not visible from here. Monty's right; the heat that comes through the doorway is fairly intense, but manageable.
3:34 PM <Kade> "Oh! We're back in Sally's basement." Monty smiles and steps through the door.
3:35 PM <mrs_padri> Monty is now immune to temperature effects. Any temperature based effects will only apply to everyone else.
3:35 PM <madness_> ".. who?"
3:36 PM <LadyKatie> "Things can /live/ here?"
3:36 PM <Kade> "A little invisible child, from the last time I came here. This is their house. And, well, I think so? It's a bit confusing, honestly."
3:37 PM <Aphex_> "…what the bloody- christ it is hot."
3:38 PM <Kade> "I told you!" Monty sighs. "And this is why you'll need the water more than me." Monty starts looking for the lion-chihuahua!
3:39 PM <mrs_padri> Once people step through the door, they stand under a staircase. There are noises from upstairs.
3:40 PM <madness_> Bao aims his rifle up the stair case as he steps out from under it.
3:40 PM <mrs_padri> Anybody have a flashlight? Because as soon as you're all out of the hotel door, it's gone, and so is the light it cast.
3:40 PM <LadyKatie> Uh, yeah. I think Delia has one
3:41 PM <LadyKatie> Yes, she does
3:41 PM <madness_> Bao does, too!
3:42 PM <Aphex_> Fitz also has one, but he probably has his hands full with the HFD.
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3:42 PM <mrs_padri> The door at the top of the stairs is open, and it's just as dark on the other side of the door.
3:42 PM <LadyKatie> She also has a parasol, that her player did not completely forget about.
3:44 PM <madness_> He traverses quietly up the steps, shining his flashlight to make out the room at the top.
3:45 PM <Kade> "So. I'd advise you three to go back into the Hotel, but the door is gone now.." Monty sighs. They step up the stairs carefully. "Bao, it might be best you stay down here for now."
3:45 PM <madness_> He turns to Monty, tilting his head. "Why?"
3:45 PM <mrs_padri> As he walks up the steps, a purple lion-chihuahua thing with spiky bits steps into the doorway and goes "buf buf" lots at you. (kade hush i don't have logs of last description)
3:46 PM <LadyKatie> "What is /that/?"
3:46 PM <Aphex_> "uhhh… What?" Fitz looks to the… /thing/.
3:47 PM <mrs_padri> There's a quiet thump like someone putting something heavy down, and the door opens. Nothing's there, though. A girl's voice says, "Is it you? Did you come back?"
3:47 PM <Kade> "Oh! It's Sally's pet!" Monty smiles and peeks out from behind Bao to wave at it! "Hello there! Remember me, buddy?" Monty looks around. "That you, Sally? Yep, it's me! Along with my friends you haven't met before."
3:48 PM <madness_> Bao lowers his gun, confused.
3:48 PM <Aphex_> "Sally?" He fiddles with the HFD for a moment.
3:48 PM <mrs_padri> "I was wondering why you looked funny. You can come up if you want, it's night-time. Ish."
3:49 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and steps through. "Thank you! Yes, our hotel sent us back here for some reason."
3:50 PM <LadyKatie> "Night? That I can live with."
3:50 PM <madness_> "…" Bao lets Monty take the point, since they have more experience with this place apparently.
3:50 PM <mrs_padri> "So you don't know why you're here? And I did say 'ish.'"
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3:52 PM <Kade> Monty nods in thanks at Bao and takes point. "Pretty much! I tried tog et back her before, but the door was locked. This is kind of lucky, then, because I fulfilled my promise to you!" Monty laughs a little and looks around. "Anyways, stupid question… but, why are you invisible?"
3:53 PM <Aphex_> "…" Fitz continues to be confused at the rear of the group. "how does someone live on a planet with two bloody suns it's awful."
3:54 PM <mrs_padri> "Before? You weren't gone long." And to the second, she laughs. "I'm not invisible! I'm just not in the same place as you!"
3:54 PM <madness_> ~what~
3:54 PM <LadyKatie> "Then where are you?"
3:55 PM <Aphex_> "So, what then, a different plane of reality or something?"
3:55 PM <Kade> "Oh! How are you able to do stuff here, then?" Monty turns to look at Fitz. "Sally told me last time that it was an abrupt change they had to deal with, but they saw the right getting brighter over the past year." Monty turns back. "Right, Sally?"
3:56 PM <Aphex_> "…what?"
3:56 PM <mrs_padri> "Mhm. But it's not fully functional by itself. Dad understands it better." To Monty: "The shadowstones!"
3:57 PM <Kade> *night getting brighter
3:57 PM <Kade> "Ah! Do we need shadowstones to see you, then?"
3:57 PM <mrs_padri> "No, that's not how they work."
3:59 PM <mrs_padri> "…Are you here for anything in particular, or can I ask a favor?"
3:59 PM <LadyKatie> "To be completely honest, I don't know why I'm here."
3:59 PM <Aphex_> "…i second that." Fitz pipes up from the corner.
3:59 PM <mrs_padri> "Then you can go find Dad!" She sounds excited.
4:00 PM <Kade> Monty nods and smiles in the general direction Sally's voice is coming from. They're upstairs btw and moved out of the way for the others to get through too. "We could certainly try. I'm the only one equipped for the heat, though."
4:00 PM <mrs_padri> "Um, what do you need to stay cool?" As people come upstairs, the heat becomes oppressive. You're beginning to de-hydrate from sweat.
4:00 PM <mrs_padri> Just beginning.
4:01 PM <madness_> "Much water."
4:01 PM <Aphex_> "water, preferably." His voice is already getting hoarse.
4:01 PM <Kade> "Yeah, we've got a few canteens of water, but that's it."
4:02 PM <mrs_padri> There are buckets in the hall. "I… guess I could spare a bucket… But you have to bring it back. I keep the water for Muffin in it." Speaking of which, the dog-thing, Muffin, has stopped buffing.
4:03 PM <Aphex_> "its name is muffin? got to be kidding." Fitz mutters to noone in particular.
4:03 PM <mrs_padri> "Yeah! Cause he's really cute!"
4:03 PM <mrs_padri> He gets an answer anyway.
4:04 PM <LadyKatie> Delia will put the parasol up once they get outside.
4:04 PM <Aphex_> "…o-kay then." He starts coughing a little as he dons his hat.
4:05 PM <madness_> Bao takes a small swig from the canteen.
4:06 PM <mrs_padri> It's a little salty.
4:06 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia holds one to her forehead.
4:07 PM <madness_> He raises an eyebrow, twisting the cap back onto it. ~How do we look for something we can't see?~
4:07 PM <Kade> "We promise to bring the bucket back, Sally. We don't want Muffin to go without water, after all. How can we find your dad for you? Is he in the same place as you?"
4:09 PM <mrs_padri> "Um, well, yeah, we all are, but he's also at work. I can't go there because we haven't had a proper night since the sun showed up. Well, not a long enough one. I'm worried I'd get caught by it."
4:09 PM <Kade> "Okay. But how do we find him for you? He's invisible to us like you, right?"
4:11 PM <mrs_padri> "Yeah, but Muffin can still find which room we're in when we're home. Can't you do that?" A bucket floats off the ground, along with an 'oof,' and goes over to Monty.
4:11 PM <LadyKatie> "So he's in the house?"
4:13 PM <mrs_padri> "Well, if he was here, I could find him. He's at the lab. It's not far away. Or, at least, I think he is. It showed up while he was at work."
4:13 PM <Kade> Monty smiles and takes it carefully. "Thank you. And, I'm not sure our skills are as good as Muffins. Unless one of my friends is able to detect you guys in some way that I don't know about…?" Monty glances at Cordelia, Fitz and Bao.
4:14 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia has vampire nose?
4:14 PM <madness_> Bao probably can't.
4:16 PM <Aphex_> "uhh…" Fitz fumbles with the HFD again.
4:16 PM <mrs_padri> "I'm sure you can figure it out. If Muffin can do it, so can you." She whispers, as if sharing a secret. "To tell the truth, Muffin isn't really the smartest groff."
4:17 PM <Aphex_> "…I've got infrared built into the drone but I don't know if that'd work given the heat."
4:19 PM <mrs_padri> None of you can sense Sally, but you can see the … groff? float.
4:19 PM <mrs_padri> It dangles, like it's being held.
4:20 PM <Kade> Monty whispers back. "Don't worry, I won't tell Muffin." They go back to their regular volume. "Is there anything special about the lab to let us know which building it is?"
4:20 PM <mrs_padri> "It's the really fancy one. The one shaped weird."
4:21 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia peeks outside, how many buildings fit that description?
4:22 PM <mrs_padri> All of them are shaped weird when compared to what you're used to, but when compared to each other, most are pretty uniform. Not completely, but the way when you drive down a street, you can still tell all the houses are houses.
4:23 PM <mrs_padri> It also looks like it's twilight. And is bearably warm again.
4:23 PM <Aphex_> Fitz takes a swing from his own canteen. "Uh, um…. Monty, right. Can they be seen with- what'sagoodword- heat vision?"
4:24 PM <Kade> Monty looks at Fits and blinks. "I don't know! Do you have a way of checking?"
4:24 PM <Kade> *Fitz
4:24 PM <madness_> ".. what is heat vision?"
4:25 PM <Aphex_> "Uh… yeah yeah hold on let's see."
4:25 PM <LadyKatie> "Hey, describe 'fancy' for me, please."
4:26 PM <mrs_padri> "Um, it's got weird shapes? It really doesn't look like any of the other buildings. They put a lot of money into it."
4:26 PM <Aphex_> He pulls the HFD out along with the tablet. "settings…optic array…" He starts mumbling to himself as he sets the drone down.
4:26 PM <Aphex_> "aanndd… done." Can anything be seen via infrared?
4:27 PM <mrs_padri> Not of Sally.
4:28 PM <mrs_padri> "Um, do you want my poker, maybe?"
4:28 PM <LadyKatie> "Poker?"
4:28 PM <Aphex_> "Ah…well, can't pick up uh… Sally. Sorry." He shuts the drone down and packs it back into his bag.
4:28 PM <mrs_padri> "It's not a proper grabber, but it still works to move things for Muffin."
4:29 PM <Kade> Monty sighs. "You can sense blood, right Cordelia? Can you sense Sally here?"
4:29 PM <LadyKatie> Idk, padri, can she?
4:29 PM <mrs_padri> Muffin moves back to the floor. A room over, there's the sound of a cabinet door closing, and then a foot long stick comes floating back into the room.
4:29 PM <mrs_padri> Nope.
4:29 PM <LadyKatie> "Maybe if she was bleeding."
4:30 PM <mrs_padri> Y'know, even though y'all can't see her, you're not having any trouble hearing her.
4:30 PM <Kade> Monty takes the poker gently. "Thank you. Do you think we'd be able to hear your parent like we can hear you?"
4:31 PM <mrs_padri> "Of course." She says this like it's a silly question. "Besides, he has all kinds of fancy equipment. Maybe he can even let you see him, if you're more visual."
4:32 PM <LadyKatie> "Got it. Anything else?"
4:32 PM <mrs_padri> "No?"
4:32 PM <Kade> Monty smiles. "Thank you very much. I think that will help." Monty takes the bucket and the poker and steps outside carefully. "The rest of you ready?"
4:33 PM <LadyKatie> "As I'll ever be." She opens up the parasol when she gets outside.
4:33 PM <Aphex_> "…yeah about the same." Fitz mumbles as he follows the others out.
4:34 PM <mrs_padri> Monty, the big sun you saw last time is not visible in the sky. The smaller one, though, is. They must set at different times.
4:35 PM <Kade> Monty looks up! "Only the small sun right now, apparently." They start walking, looking for a building that doesn't follow the similar shape of the others!
4:36 PM <madness_> Bao follows the others.
4:36 PM <mrs_padri> It's a decent walk, but then there it is! It's glaringly obviously different. Like a mix between the Sydney Opera house and a great big box.
4:36 PM <LadyKatie> "I think that's it. Let's go inside."
4:37 PM <Kade> Monty walks over, puts down the bucket for a little bit, and tries the door.
4:37 PM <mrs_padri> It's not locked.
4:37 PM <mrs_padri> It also has a black stone in it.
4:37 PM <mrs_padri> *the handle.
4:37 PM <Aphex_> "…Yeah, no kidding that's it."
4:38 PM <Kade> Monty opens it, then props it open with their foot for the others to get in while they get the bucket again.
4:38 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia tries to get in first.
4:38 PM <mrs_padri> Again, it's hotter inside. Anyone who's had nothing to drink has a very dry mouth. It almost itches.
4:39 PM <mrs_padri> Monty's fine.
4:39 PM <LadyKatie> This puts Cordelia in a very weird position.
4:39 PM <madness_> Bao drinks from the canteen again.
4:39 PM <mrs_padri> It does, doesn't it?
4:39 PM <Aphex_> Fitz skitters inside, putting a hand on his canteen. "oh sweet bloody christ." He takes a drink.
4:40 PM <Kade> Monty follows in after the others.
4:40 PM <mrs_padri> There's a great big reception area.
4:41 PM <Kade> Is there noise of anyone there?
4:41 PM <mrs_padri> Not that you can hear from here.
4:41 PM <Kade> Monty walks into the reception area, looking for a desk if there is one.
4:42 PM <mrs_padri> There is! And there's a great big sign behind it.
4:42 PM <LadyKatie> Cordelia tries to ignore that 'I really need a drink' feeling.
4:42 PM <Kade> Monty goes over to the desk and looks at the sign!
4:42 PM <Aphex_> Fitz fidgets with his hands a little as he looks around.
4:45 PM <madness_> Bao doesn't even know what to do. Urban areas confuse him.
4:45 PM <mrs_padri> It lists different departments. There's offices for different departments on different floors, and different labs, too. Sciency stuff. Inter-planar physics, Intra-planar physics, Astronomy, botony, biology… Other ones, too, i'm just not as sciency as a building full of scientists.
4:47 PM <Aphex_> "…Holy shit."
4:48 PM <LadyKatie> "… do we know what he works with?"
4:48 PM <Aphex_> Fitz looks around at the different doors. "Oho no way! It's a science facility! Engineering, engineering…"
4:48 PM <mrs_padri> They seem to have a big focus on inter/intra/extra planar sciences, but those aren't the only ones.
4:48 PM <Kade> "hmm… She kinda her parent does stuff involving different planes, due to having fancy equipent related to the plane stuff of the shadowstones… probably this one, then?" Monty points at 'inter-planar physics'.
4:49 PM <mrs_padri> There's engineering, but it doesn't have it's own floor. In fact, it shares a floor with two other sciences, unlike other sciences that have multiple floors.
4:50 PM <Aphex_> He huffs a little. "Oh, okay, so general engineering isn't good enough for it's own floor then huh? that's fine, be that way."
4:51 PM <Kade> Are there any details in the 'inter-planar physics part of the map? particularly having to do with shadowsstones in some way, potentially?
4:53 PM <mrs_padri> Nope. Just says which floor they're in. Also, there are black stones all over the place. In everything you might want to interact with.
4:54 PM <Kade> "…Huh" Monty starts off towards where inter-planar physics would be!
4:54 PM <LadyKatie> Delia follows Monty
4:55 PM <Aphex_> Fitz follows, gawking at some of the more exotic studies.
4:55 PM <mrs_padri> There's stairs! In the staircase, you can hear the sound of distant machinery.
4:56 PM <Kade> Monty goes along the stairs to the floor necessary!
4:56 PM <mrs_padri> The sound of machinery gets closer. Once you step through the door into the hall, you can't hear it anymore.
4:58 PM <madness_> Bao is weirded out, but yet, somehow intrigued by all this place has to offer.
4:58 PM <Kade> Monty blinks, then shrugs. They start looking through various doors, calling out, "Sally's parent? Are you here anywhere? SHe's looking for you!"
4:59 PM <Aphex_> "…Um. Monty… I don't know if that's a good idea…"
4:59 PM <mrs_padri> Nada.
5:00 PM <LadyKatie> So no signs of life…
5:00 PM <LadyKatie> … what about signs of death?
5:00 PM <Kade> Monty sighs. "It's going to sounds awkwards however we say it, though, so might as well get it out of the way, right? Anyways, I'm not sure.. he? …is on this floor. Well, sounds tend to follow these people. Maybe near the machinery next?"
5:02 PM <mrs_padri> The stairs are still there.
5:03 PM <Kade> Monty goes back on the stairs, still carrying the poker and bucket!
5:04 PM <Aphex_> "…Uh- hey, wait, shit-" Fitz stumbles to catch up.
5:04 PM <mrs_padri> No. No signs of death. (Sorry, missed it.)
5:05 PM <LadyKatie> (It's fine) Delia pays attention to the surroundings
5:06 PM <mrs_padri> Did they stop on the office floor or the lab floor?
5:07 PM <mrs_padri> Still a lot of black stones everywhere.
5:08 PM <LadyKatie> What happens if Delia picks one up? Because she's picking one up.
5:09 PM <Aphex_> "…uh- Monty. Do you think those stone things could be where people are?" Fitz is a bit nervous.
5:09 PM <mrs_padri> Mostly they're attached to things.
5:11 PM <mrs_padri> Monty's 'poker' seems to be mostly made out of the stone, though, and it's unattached.
5:11 PM <mrs_padri> Does Monty go back into the stairwell?
5:13 PM <Kade> Monty goes to the floor where the sounds are most prominently coming from.
5:14 PM <mrs_padri> There are rooms filled with equipment. There are machines in multiple rooms making noises.
5:14 PM <Kade> "Maybe? I don't think so, though. I think these are shadowstones, that Sally was talking about."
5:14 PM <Kade> Monty peeks through the rooms and calls out, "Sally's parent? Are you here?"
5:15 PM <mrs_padri> Nothing in this room, nothing in this room, nothing in that one… In that one, though, you can see things moving through the window.
5:16 PM <Kade> "…?" Monty walks closer to window, and knock on it with the stick.
5:17 PM <Kade> *knocks on it
5:17 PM <mrs_padri> The door opens! "H-ello," an adult voice says, as if he's surprised to see you. "What are you all?"
5:18 PM <Kade> Monty smiles at the voice. "Hello, we're… not from around here. A little girl named Sally sent us out to look for her… father, I think was the term she used? She wanted us to find.. him?"
5:20 PM <mrs_padri> "Sally? How is she?"
5:20 PM <mrs_padri> He sounds very eager to hear what you have to say.
5:22 PM <Kade> "She's doing well, I think. Taking good care of Muffin! And very generous, she gave us a bucket of water because many of us can't deal with the sun without it." They hold up the bucket. " We have to give it back to her after we're done, though.Are you her parent?"
5:23 PM <mrs_padri> Delia, you're getting worse. As is everyone else.
5:23 PM <mrs_padri> Running up flights of stairs while dehydrated is not a good idea.
5:23 PM <Kade> "Well, most of us need water. It's a bit different for Cordelia." Monty glances over at her sadly. They hand the bucket to the others. "Drink you guys. Okay?"
5:23 PM <LadyKatie> This is very very bad, to put it mildly.
5:24 PM <mrs_padri> "Good. Good." He sounds distracted. The door closes, and through the window, you see some more tools being picked up and used.
5:26 PM <Aphex_> Fitz drinks!
5:27 PM <Kade> "…." Monty knocks on the window again, slightly exasperated.
5:27 PM <mrs_padri> "Uh," he says, fiddling with a machine.
5:29 PM <Kade> Monty walks into the room. "You never answered. Are you Sally's father? We were supposed to find you. I… forget what we were supposed to do after that, though." They sigh. "Or how we'll get back to the hotel. It can show up anywhere, after all."
5:29 PM <mrs_padri> No, Monty doesn't. Once the door opens, the hotel is on the other side.
5:29 PM <madness_> "…"
5:30 PM <Kade> "…?" Monty steps inside. They glance at the bucket they still have.
5:30 PM <mrs_padri> Monty is now in the hotel!

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