Yarp and McCray in the Cafe

10:33 AM <mrs_padri> The door to Earth-15 is unlocked.
10:34 AM <RosyBud> Hey, there's an Amy.
10:34 AM <RosyBud> And she goes into it.
10:35 AM <RosyBud> And peers around.
10:35 AM <mrs_padri> It's a cafe.
10:35 AM <•Kade> Monty looks over, and follows my! ~Maybe I'll be able to find that person who Cordelia hurt now and check up on them!~
10:35 AM <mrs_padri> You seem to be coming out of the restroom area.
10:36 AM <mrs_padri> You can't see much of the cafe from here; just a few tables. But you can smell the coffee. Smells good, not like starbucks.
10:37 AM <RosyBud> "Hmm…"
10:37 AM <RosyBud> Amy goes and gets coffee.
10:37 AM <•LemurLord> (starbucks burn apparently)
10:37 AM <•Kade> Monty blinks and looks around. "I wish I knew if this was the same town as before.." They follow Amy, trying to keep an eye out for the lady!
10:37 AM <mrs_padri> The lady behind the counter asks for three dollars, Amy.
10:38 AM <mrs_padri> Monty, perc.
10:38 AM <RosyBud> "…."
10:38 AM <•Kade> 2d14 +5 luck
10:38 AM <Glacon> Kade: +5 luck: 15 (2d14=5, 10)
10:38 AM <RosyBud> Would Amy still have her wallet?
10:38 AM <RosyBud> After all these months?
10:38 AM <mrs_padri> No advantage, there are hats here. But 10 gets it.
10:38 AM <mrs_padri> Amy: I'll allow it.
10:39 AM <•Kade> Monty tries their best not to look at the hats. instead focusing on the menu!
10:39 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp and the chica are watching you from a table in the corner, Monty. The chica seems rather apprehensive.
10:39 AM <RosyBud> Yay!
10:39 AM <RosyBud> Cooooffeee!
10:41 AM <•Kade> Monty smiles and walks over to the chica! "Oh, hello! We met once before, right? Though it wasn't under the best circumstances…" They laugh sheepishly. "I'm sorry about what Cordelia did, with biting you. You seem to be doing better, though! Did you get the First Aid kit I left for you?"
10:42 AM <RosyBud> Amy then stares around. ~Wait, is this Earth?! I just.. smelled coffee.~
10:42 AM <mrs_padri> "What first aid kit?" she asks. But Yarp speaks up: "Oh yes, we found it. Thank you."
10:42 AM <mrs_padri> It looks to be, Amy.
10:43 AM <mrs_padri> Also, for Amy's benefit: The chica is a hispanic looking female of youngish age. Yarp is a short man with 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand and rather large eyes.
10:43 AM <RosyBud> ~…YES YES YES YES~
10:44 AM <•Kade> Monty blinks over at Yarp and smiles. "Oh, I don't think we've met before," they smile sheepishly at the chica too. "and I never introduced myself to you formally, either. My name is Montera Sou'Wester, but you ca call me Monty. And you two are?"
10:44 AM <RosyBud> "Helllo!" Amy heads over to fouro? Quadrupleo?
10:45 AM <RosyBud> Who cares, she heads over!
10:46 AM <•Kade> *can call
10:46 AM <mrs_padri> Well, its four with Amy. Chica is just scowling. Yarp says, "Really, McCray, you can calm down. I've met this bunch before. They're allies." then, to Monty and Amy, offering a handshake, "My name is Yarp."
10:47 AM <RosyBud> Amy shakes. "I'm Amy. Nice to meet you."
10:47 AM <RosyBud> ~Kinda name is Yarp?~
10:47 AM <•Kade> Monty shakes Yarps hand, smiling, then blinks at McCray. "Wait. McCray? Then you're the person who's been mentioned in that journal I'm translating!"
10:48 AM <mrs_padri> Now she looks quizical. "What journal?" she says. She sounds american, Amy.
10:50 AM <•Kade> Monty pulls the journal out to show it to them. "This one. I wanted to find out if any guests in the hotel had written stuff down, to help me figure out what was going on, and I found this. It's in a different language, though, and there were no dictionaries from it to English, so it took a little while. I'm translating just random parts of it, currently."
10:50 AM <RosyBud> "This.. is the U S, isn't?"
10:51 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "I'm not sure. Somewhere on Earth."
10:52 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp reaches out for the journal. "Oh, I forgot that when we left!"
10:52 AM <RosyBud> "…you don't know?"
10:52 AM <•Kade> Monty blinks and let's him take it! "This is yours?"
10:54 AM <mrs_padri> "Yes. I had to start another one." He flips through the pages. "The memories in here."
10:54 AM <RosyBud> "Don't you two live here?"
10:55 AM <mrs_padri> McCray shakes her head. "Not here."
10:55 AM <•Kade> "Is it alright that I've been translating bits of it? If you don't want me to anymore, I understand. The translations are probably written between lines on the pages of the particular phrases.
10:56 AM <RosyBud> ~Huh.. weird.~
10:56 AM <mrs_padri> He flips through some more. "Oh, I see! No, go ahead. See what you can make of it." He hands it back.
10:56 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "The hotel finds us any time we come here. We only visit occassionally."
10:57 AM <•Kade> They take it back, nodding in thanks. "Since I haven't seen you around, and never responded to my notes I left in your rooms…Does that mean you don't live in the Hotel anymore?"
10:57 AM <RosyBud> "Oh.."
10:58 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "No. We found a way out. You left us notes?" He laughs.
10:58 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "How long have you been at the hotel?"
10:59 AM <RosyBud> "Not as long as you."
11:01 AM <mrs_padri> She chuckles. "You wouldn't know how long we were there." She smiles, perhaps for the first time.
11:01 AM <•Kade> They nodded. "If you were around, I wanted to ake sure you knew how to get your notebook back. I also was worried about all the weapons I found in one room, and a blood-stained shirt. So, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I'm not sure exactly how long we've been there, but it's been a fair while- but not too long, so far. There are still plenty
11:01 AM <•Kade> of mysteries to try to understand."
11:02 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "Oh, that's my room. I had to leave my collection behind when we left."
11:02 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "It's all in my journal."
11:02 AM <RosyBud> "….can I stay?"
11:02 AM <•Kade> "Speaking of! Do you know of a way to get into Employee's Only locked doors?"
11:03 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "It's not our world. You can always try and see if the hotel will let you."
11:03 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "…no."
11:04 AM <•Kade> Monty frowns and flips through the journal. "There's a /lot/ in here, though. This might take me a long time to get through…" They close it again and sigh. "I mean, I've gotten through some doors, but the Hotel is smart enough to adjust security do I can't do it that way anymore."
11:05 AM <RosyBud> "…Hmm.. I'll try then."
11:05 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "In all the time we were there, not one of us could force our way into an Employees Only door."
11:05 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "Don't be surprised if you wake up in the Hotel again."
11:06 AM <RosyBud> "Well, at least I can try?"
11:07 AM <mrs_padri> McCray shrugs. "Not up to me."
11:08 AM <•Kade> Monty laughs a little. "All it takes is a little thinking. I got a little bit into the oldest part of the Hotel, but not too far, after I found out the Hotel had new places growing.. Though, speaking of, if this is your journal, it must have come from your room, meaning you know chemicals…" They look down at the journal, then at Yarp again. "Do you know of
11:08 AM <•Kade> anything that could corrode locks enough to let a person through?"
11:09 AM <mrs_padri> He shakes his head. "Already tried it."
11:09 AM <•Kade> They nod. "Alright. Going around the door still seems to be the best bet, then."
11:09 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "Let me know if you figure it out."
11:11 AM <•Kade> They smile at him. "Well, we already figured out that an energy sword between the door and doorway works.. or, well, worked, Not sure it does anymore."
11:11 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "Oh? Now we'll just have to find an energy sword…"
11:12 AM <WixCoursework> Somewhere, Aris sneezes.
11:12 AM <•Kade> "My friend Aris has one. She's a bit incapacitated at the moment, though."
11:14 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "I'm sorry to hear that."
11:15 AM <RosyBud> "Monty, why?"
11:15 AM <mrs_padri> McCray: "Why what?"
11:16 AM <•Kade> Monty turns to blink at Amy. "Wh- what McCray said." They laugh a little.
11:16 AM <RosyBud> "Why is she incapacitated?"
11:17 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp and McCray look interested, too.
11:18 AM <•Kade> They sigh sadly. "She currently gets possessed by the being that destroyed her world every time she falls asleep, so we had to put in a room specially fit with a cage- but with all the necessities for living- until we figure out how to help her."
11:19 AM <RosyBud> "….."
11:19 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "Wow."
11:19 AM <RosyBud> "I never knew you had a sense of humor."
11:20 AM <RosyBud> "Albeit, a bad one, but hey, to each their own."
11:20 AM <•Kade> Monty gives Amy a confused look. "I'm not kidding."
11:21 AM <mrs_padri> McCray is just staring. That's a pretty hefty claim.
11:21 AM <Nanoro> Snisk manages to wander through the door into the cafe while on a looting run!
11:21 AM <RosyBud> "Bullshit."
11:21 AM <LadyKatie> Delia walks through the door, in a floor lenhth red dress with a slit that goes up dangerously high. Her neck is covered by a black diamond choker. Dressed to kill, but not in the actual lethal way.
11:22 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "Are those two creatures with you? They rather stand out."
11:23 AM <Nanoro> He looks around for a second, scratches his head and is about to turn back before Delia happens.
11:23 AM <LadyKatie> Delia might not recognize McCray at first, but she does see Monty. "Ah, there you are." She walks over.
11:23 AM <Nanoro> He meeps, jolts backwards and tries not to look at her for too long.
11:24 AM <Nanoro> ~… Hell's all'a dis now.~ Snisk watches Delia go.
11:24 AM <LadyKatie> Snisk, you know Delia isn't a threat to you.
11:24 AM <RosyBud> "…….."
11:24 AM <mrs_padri> McCray definitely recognizes Delia. She reaches into her jacket.
11:25 AM <Nanoro> He does, but her dress is threatening. :V
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11:25 AM <•Kade> "It's true! The creature's name starts with Payo, which is what she know the creature by, It has blood red eyes and speaks a different language." Monty blinks at Delia, then smile, before turning to McCray. ""It's okay, she learne her lesson and won't bit you. Right, Cordelia?"
11:25 AM <Nanoro> The slit goes dangerously high like you said, and Snisk, uh… Has a vantage point because of his height. :T
11:25 AM <•Kade> Monty is giving Delia those 'stern parent' eyes right now.
11:26 AM <•Kade> Monty smiles and waves at snisk. "Yes, Delia and Snisk come from the Hotel, too."
11:27 AM <LadyKatie> "Hello." She smiles. Fangy fangs.
11:27 AM <Nanoro> Snisk looks terribly confused in his rags, heading over while glancing about. "… Yo, hell's alla dis now?" He motions to the… Everything.
11:28 AM <mrs_padri> one sec
11:28 AM <•Kade> "Cordelia, you /promise/ not to bite McCray again, right?" Momty is out full throttle again.
11:29 AM <LadyKatie> "Of course. Don't want to mess up this dress, and I don't feel like causing that much of a scene."
11:29 AM <mrs_padri> McCray snarls. Yarp: "Put it away, McCray."
11:29 AM <Nanoro> "…. swear, go thru 'un door jus' to find summat interestin' an' every single time…" Snisk climbs up onto a chair the best he can.
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11:30 AM <LadyKatie> " … ah, now I remember you."
11:30 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp holds out a four fingered hand to Snisk. "Pleasure to meet you, creature."
11:31 AM <Nanoro> Snisk blinks, looking at Yarp and shaking their four-fingered hand with his own four-fingered hand. "… Uh, yeh, same to youse, boss."
11:31 AM <mrs_padri> "My name is Yarp."
11:31 AM <Nanoro> "An' I's- oh wait, youse know dat already, dontcha."
11:32 AM <•Kade> Monty smile at Snisk. "Snisk is very clever and good at building things. I'm teaching him how to read at the moment."
11:32 AM <mrs_padri> He shakes his head. "Indeed, I don't."
11:32 AM <Nanoro> Snisk chuckles a bit nervously, glancing to Monty.
11:32 AM <mrs_padri> McCray stands and walks over to Delia. "Just you come with me and I'll let you see what I can do."
11:33 AM <•Kade> Monty smiles at Snisk proudly, letting him know not to be ashamed!
11:33 AM <Nanoro> "… Uh, Monts? Whussis place?" Snisk is still looking around, both curious and wary.
11:33 AM <LadyKatie> "I don't feel like it. I got all dressed up today, and I'd hate to see it go to waste."
11:33 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "Earth-15, we've designated it."
11:34 AM <mrs_padri> McCray walks towards the door. "Yarp, I'm out. You can keep yourself safe." Yarp: "Stay close, okay?"
11:34 AM <Nanoro> Snisk blinks, looking back at Yarp. "… Youse… Callin' this place dirt."
11:34 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp laughs. "Yes, but so do the locals!"
11:35 AM <•Kade> "That seems to be the name of the world here, Snisk."
11:35 AM <Nanoro> Snisk squints a bit. "… Thas weird. Youse soundin' like a dwarf."
11:35 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "A dwarf?"
11:36 AM <Nanoro> "Youse know, they's biggest hole was called 'Kaz Morden'. Heard some'un say wot it meant wus 'mountain hole'."
11:36 AM <LadyKatie> "Bye bye, sweetie."
11:36 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp nods as if he understands. (Pro tip: He doesn't.)
11:37 AM <Nanoro> "Yeh yeh, dwarfs. Sorta this tall", Snisk shows a height roughly half taller as himself, "real thick an' burly an' wot. Biiig bushy beard, really liked metals an' rocks or summat."
11:37 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp is only 4' himself.
11:38 AM <mrs_padri> But he's not burly.
11:38 AM <mrs_padri> "Sounds… interesting?"
11:38 AM <Nanoro> So he'd be showing a height roughly his height, actually.
11:38 AM <•Kade> Monty smiles at Yarp. "Another race from his world, I think."
11:38 AM <mrs_padri> "Ah."
11:38 AM <Nanoro> Snisk points at Monty. "Yeh, whussis said."
11:39 AM <mrs_padri> Outside the window, McCray looks to be getting impatient.
11:40 AM <•Kade> Monty looks at McCray, then at Yarp. "It looks like you might have to be going soon."
11:41 AM <mrs_padri> Yarp: "She'll wait just a moment. Can't leave without me anyway. Did any of you need help with anything before we go?"
11:41 AM <LadyKatie> Delia pulls a scarf out of somewhere, wraps it around her neck, and takes off the HUGE black diamond choker. She hands it to Yarp. "Give it to what's her face, for all the trouble from last time, okay?"
11:42 AM mrs_padri → mrs_padro
11:42 AM <Nanoro> Snisk's eyes glint hungrily at the sight of the diamonds.
11:42 AM <mrs_padro> He takes it. "I'm sure she'll appreciate it."
11:43 AM <LadyKatie> "I have more back at the Hotel. Are you going to be like Monty and want castoffs from my wardrobe?"
11:44 AM <mrs_padro> "If that's all, I'll be going. It was a pleasure to meet you all."
11:44 AM <Nanoro> Snisk blinks and snaps out of it. "… Whu-uh, nah, I's was jus'- uh." He rubs the back of his neck.
11:47 AM <mrs_padro> Yarp stands, offers a shallow bow, and walks out.
11:48 AM <LadyKatie> "Goodbye."
11:58 AM mrs_padro → mrs_lemonade
11:59 AM <Nanoro> Snisk watches them go, turning to Monty again. "… Uh. Whozzat, whussis an' wot happened just 'bout now?"
12:00 PM <•Kade> Monty looks at Snisk. "We just met with former guests of the Hotel."
12:01 PM <•Kade> They stand up, and go to leave Earth-15. "Now, I got an idea for the Employee's Only doors I want to try.."
12:01 PM <•Kade> "Their names were Yarp and McCray, to be particular."

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