Yarp's Journal

Monty decides the fastest way to figure out what's going on is to read an older resident's journal. They find Yarp's journal and five rooms. Unfortunately, the journal is in an alien language. They decide to begin work translating it!

8:34 PM <•Kade> Monty wanders, looking jornals!
8:34 PM <•mrs_padri> Monty walks a ways.
8:35 PM <•Kade> *looking for journals
8:35 PM <•mrs_padri> then, Monty finds themselves in a dead end hall.
8:35 PM <•Kade> Mnty blinks. No door at the end?
8:35 PM <•Kade> *Monty
8:36 PM <•mrs_padri> There are doors on either wall beside them and one at the end.
8:36 PM <•mrs_padri> Plenty of door to choose from.
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8:37 PM <•Kade> They choose the left door first!
8:37 PM <•mrs_padri> Closest to the dead end?
8:38 PM <•Kade> Closest to them.
8:38 PM <•Kade> They'll go in a line after that!
8:38 PM <•mrs_padri> It's a room Monty recognizes. There's the towel on the floor, everything else apparently empty.
8:39 PM <Nanoro> A horrible screeching noise emanates in short intervals from Snisk's room.
8:40 PM <Nanoro> Usually it is followed by muttering in a jumbled language.
8:40 PM <Nanoro> Redactification
8:41 PM <•Kade> "…" They look around under the bed, in the closest, in the drawers, medicine cabinet, etc, for a journal. They remember it, but they could have missed something last time.
8:41 PM Nanoro → Nanoro
8:42 PM <•mrs_padri> No journal. It's just like last time. There are two shirts in the dresser, though. Look like scrubs.
8:44 PM <•Kade> "…Huh. I don't remember those…" They keep the scrubs in mind, and move on to the next room in line, towards the dead end.
8:45 PM <•mrs_padri> This one has a messy bed and a cabinet in it, but is otherwise a standard room.
8:46 PM <•Kade> They check that room, thoroughly, too, but if no journal, they move onto the next one!
8:48 PM <•mrs_padri> there's gender neutral clothes in the dresser, a shirt soaked with crusty dried blood in the bathtub, and five guns in the cabinet. There's room for at least four more.
8:50 PM <•mrs_padri> No journal.
8:52 PM <•Kade> Monty blinks, leaves a note in the cabinet that says, 'why so many weapons??- Monty' and leaves the hex code for their room in case the person (who may not even be there) wants to respond. They then move on to the next one!
8:53 PM <•mrs_padri> The next one is the one at the end of the dead end.
8:54 PM <•Kade> They go to that one and open it carefully.
8:55 PM <•mrs_padri> Inside it is extra desk space and an extra sink and shower inside the bedroom area. The carpet has been removed. There are flasks and beakers and glass that looks like it's been hiccuped full of liquids. There's the casing of a bunch of hotel phones on another desk, missing all the other parts. And that's just the obvious stuff.
8:55 PM <•mrs_padri> Also a stool.
8:56 PM <•mrs_padri> *single step step stool
8:56 PM <•Kade> "…Huh." Monty steps inside and looks around more thoroughly.
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8:58 PM <•mrs_padri> Clothes in the dresser, little in the bathroom, and…
8:58 PM <•mrs_padri> A notebook in the bedside table.
8:59 PM <•Kade> Monty blinks and takes it out gently to read through it!
9:00 PM <•mrs_padri> The alphabet is unrecognizable.
9:04 PM <•Kade> Monty frowns. They stand up with it, looking around, but not before leaving a note in the bedside table where the notebook was. 'Just borrowing this for a bit to translate it, will bring it back soon. -Monty' Once again, they leave the hex code to their room, then step outside with the notebook! Time to check the next room!
9:05 PM <•mrs_padri> It's rather sparse.
9:05 PM <•mrs_padri> Looking around?
9:06 PM <•Kade> Yep! Nice and thorough.
9:07 PM <•mrs_padri> The most interesting thing is the giant shirt in the bathroom that's been cut open along the front. The edges of the cut have been coated in blood.
9:09 PM <•Kade> Monty frowns and leaves another note with their hex code room number again! 'Are you okay?? -Monty' After that, onto the next room!
9:10 PM <•mrs_padri> The next room has two beds in! And two dressers, two desks… in fact, it's wider than most rooms.
9:11 PM <•Kade> Monty blinks!! Well, this one /certainly/ needs more exploring!
9:12 PM <•mrs_padri> The clothes in both dressers are the same style, approximately.
9:12 PM <•mrs_padri> No journals, but there are books on the desk.
9:13 PM <•Kade> They flip open one of the books!
9:13 PM <•mrs_padri> It's a novel!
9:14 PM <•Kade> In a language they can understand?
9:14 PM <•mrs_padri> Yup!
9:17 PM <•Kade> They leave a note in the book with the hex code to their room, but they just draw a smiley face on it. They step back out! So, those were the main rooms here?
9:19 PM <•mrs_padri> Yup!
9:20 PM <•Kade> They go to the library to translate the journal, then, so they can bring it back!
9:20 PM <•mrs_padri> What book do they look for?
9:21 PM badness_ → madness_
9:22 PM <•Kade> A… whatever this language is… to english dictionary.
9:23 PM <•mrs_padri> None. Seems no ones written one.
9:23 PM <•Kade> Whatever they can use to translate this book into English, then!
9:25 PM <•mrs_padri> There seems to be a copy of the Little Prince in Yarp's language. You can tell by the illustrations.
9:26 PM <•Kade> Monty looks for a copy of it in English then, too!
9:26 PM <•mrs_padri> It is found!
9:26 PM <•Kade> Once they get those, time to start some basic translation stuff to at least understand parts of the journal!
9:27 PM <•mrs_padri> It'll take a while to figure out the grammar and translate his Little Prince. Only /then/ can you start on the journal.
9:28 PM <•Kade> Fiiine. They bring the journal back for now, then, both copies of The Little Prince tuck under their arm!
9:29 PM <•Kade> They take there note out of his drawer for now, then, unless it's already been moved.
9:30 PM <•mrs_padri> Nope.
9:31 PM <•Kade> Well, they take it then, and instead leave a note explaining that they may need to take it at some point so they can translate it!
9:40 PM <•mrs_padri> It is left!

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