Name: Screex
Player: Prior
Description: Screex is usually a male human of average height and proportions, and stunning appearance, . He is bald in every way, and his irises are pink.
Demeanor: Screex is comparatively friendly and quite charming when he wants to be. He has been on the worst end of humanity, and knows that it's not a nice place to put people. He has a habit of defaulting to a rather formal manner of speech.

  • Body
    • Strength: 14
    • Agility: 20
    • Endurance: 20
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 11
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 31
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 31

Attack (melee): 17
Attack (range): 10
Defense (phys): 17
Defense (dodge): 15

- Breathless. Screex do not breathe, nor sleep, nor have anything resembling human biology. Screex recieves advantage on all rolls involving poisons, fatigue, running out of breath, or similar problems.
-Formless. Screex can micromanage their forms to an extent, allowing them to create voids in themselves or split around an incoming attack. Screex receives advantage against blunt or impact damage, as well as any piercing damage he can predict the hit location of (so it works if someone tries to stab him, not so much for bullets).
-Fearless. Screex have no natural predators, and as a result have an extremely reduced capacity for fear. Advantage when resisting fear or psychological attacks that rely on similar emotions.

-Senseless. Screex cannot smell or taste, and cannot discern colour. Screex either receives disadvantage on any roll that would require him to, or flat fails them immediately.
-Clueless. Screex recieves disadvantage on any roll related to spotting lies or perceiving a non-obvious threat.

-Two-way radio

Talent: Shapeshifter: Screex is a Screex. This means he can shape-shift almost at will into a variety of forms. He can change his shape and size almost at will, but cannot increase in mass, and as a result cannot change his strength or resilience. The exception to this is if he is given biomass to assimilate, in which case he can consume at a rate of around one human-sized corpse a minute, although using such assimilated mass for any kind of structural reinforcement (i.e. increasing a physical stat) is risky and complex, and would require consulting with the individual running the event.
It should go without saying that Screex cannot enter forms requiring complex chemicals or mechanical parts, or rather that if he does they will not function. He might look like a thermonuclear device, but he sure as hell won't explode.

Backfire: If Screex screws up in a transformation then he returns to his base state- a sludgy kind of fibrous soup with two pinkish spheres controlling the entity. In this form he has disadvantage on all rolls except Soul-based ones, and cannot change again without passing a DC6 will check.

Fens-12 was a small swamp planet where nothing interesting happened at any point. No civilisations, no intelligence, nothing. The first important thing to happen was the arrival of humans on their great square steel ships, followed by the strip-mining of all resources and assessment of all the planet's races for actual value.
The only race actually of value was the Screex, a group of shapeshifting piles of colour-changing fibres, controlled by two central nervous cores. The Screex were not unintelligent, but lacked the environmental pressures required to actually experience progression as a species, and were pressed into slavery en-masse at the first oppourtunity.
This particular Screex was sold to a rather friendly family, who treated him more like a servant than an actual slave. When the child who he had spoon-fed mushed corns grew to take the house from her deceased parents, the Screex was freed, and allowed to live his life as he saw fit.
He got about three standard months to live that life before the Event.


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