NPC Design

This is a guide to help GMs craft NPCs to flesh out their stories and provide challenges for the players to overcome. This guide is not meant to be a strict rule set, rather it is meant to help convey the basics. GMs should feel free to bend or break any rules here if it means providing a more fun event.
NPC's in Lockwood come in three basic categories. The first are blank. These do not have stats and are solely meant to interact with characters and convey the plot. The second are basic, these have DCs instead of stats. This means that the GM does not have to roll for these, they simply have the players roll and compare it to the DC of the NPC. A GM only needs to add stats that they think are relevant. No need to add Knowledge if they're never gonna test their wits. The last category are Advanced NPCs, these are essentially characters in their own right but they don't have to follow the same rules of character creation.

Example NPCs

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