Rules And Regulations

Don't be a dick

Now that got that out of the way, here some rules about the rp. Many rules are negotiable. Talk to an OP (an h-op does not have the authority to over-rule the rules.)

  • Players own their characters' stories

This rule means that no one can permanently affect another character's story without their permission. A player can retcon their own story at any time if it isn't too drastic or affects another character's story.

  • Everyone is a GM

OPs (Operators) are in charge of keeping order in the chat and have the final say on all disputes. Any player can choose to be a GM (Game Master) and create their own runs and events at any time once they have received an ok from an OP. Runs should be approved and scheduled in advance, though.

Rules about Character Creation

  • Characters can be from any time period
  • Characters must be human, humanoid, or can be perceived as human. Basically they need to be able to show up in our world without causing a riot.
  • Characters cannot originally appear in a copywritten source.
  • It should be noted that characters can be inspired by a source, but should rarely be based on and NEVER taken from one.

Rules about RP

  • Lockwood uses a Closed Scene system. You must have permission to join in on a scene/run/event before you do. Unless before hand the scene is stated to be open for everyone.
  • Private scenes between only two players should be taken to PMs. Especially romantic scenes.
  • ERP is always a private scene. Chat channels are not the place. If you need to ask what ERP is, you're probably not doing it.

Rules about Events and Runs:

  • No GM can ever remove a character from play without prior approval.
  • Standing approval may be granted to players who've proved they understand the tone and rules. Standing approval may be revoked at any point. Remember who granted you standing approval in case an OP wishes to know.
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