The end times. The apocalypse. Call it whatever you want but the world has ended. Not just one world, but all of them. The infinite expanse of the multiverse where every possible world at every probable point of time just ceasing to exist. You were saved, if that's the right word for it. Obtained, more likely. You saw your world end and you simply woke up. Welcome to the Lockwood Hotel.

At first glance, the Lockwood Hotel looks to be an ordinary hotel straight out of the 1970's. There are pamphlets describing the amenities, a rooftop restaurant, phone numbers for room service and the maids, medicine cabinets over the sinks. One review describes the staff as "hospitable" and their stay as "delightful." All normal.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Lockwood Hotel is it's own self contained universe that stretches infinitely out in all directions. There is no outside, no windows, no exits. The wing where you find yourself staying is mostly static, but travel further away and things start changing. You never travel the same path to get to any room, but you always seem to know which route to take.

Management is a nebulous, unseen entity. There are recordings on the answering machines and deliveries made to rooms, and mail is sorted into boxes in the space behind the front desk in reception. Notes are left from Management to the residents. There's always fresh food in the dining room and the pool is generally clean, but there's nary an employee to be found. The kitchen is always empty, room service never knocks, and even the messages on the answering machine refer to being "short staffed."

But the big question,

the question you should really be asking yourself…

is "Why?"

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