The end times. The apocalypse. Call it whatever you want but the world has ended. Not just one world, but all of them. The infinite expanse of the multiverse where every possible world at every probable point of time just ceasing to exist. You saw your world end and you simply woke up. Welcome to the Lockwood Hotel.

At first glance, the Lockwood Hotel looks to be a rather grandiose Art Deco style hotel. There are pamphlets describing the amenities, and each room comes with a tablet that allows you to contact Management and other residents.

The Location Data app tells you, in short, that the Hotel is your new home, and a rundown on the locations you can currently access. There really isn’t any explanation for why the Hotel is so weird, why the rooms seem to shift order, why location services don’t work, why time seems to only exist in 24 hours, and not days, months, or years, and most strangely why some doors are locked and others clearly do not lead anywhere that you would find in a normal hotel anywhere else in the Multiverse. There aren’t many windows, and the only exits always lead you back to Lockwood.

Management exists in the same way Bigfoot exists. There’s always food in the dining room, even when the kitchen is empty and has been for what you assume to be weeks. Room service always knocks, but there’s never anybody at the door. Management never replies to your messages, and never answers any calls you place. Some rooms are locked, and some places are downright inaccessible. Sometimes it really does feel like the residents are the only ones here.

The residents are a talented bunch, smart too. Yourself included. There has to be a reason for you all to be here, but nobody can figure out what it is. Nobody remembers getting here, not even a fuzzy blur of motion. There must be a reason you’re all here, or why a strange bunch like yourselves would be of any use to anybody.

The only direction you all have is to follow the prompts on the tablet.

OOC, Lockwood is a microdimension that exists at a weird crossroads where the number of places you can go is seemingly unlimited and the number of places you can’t go are limited to anything even remotely connected to your home universe and anything marked “Employees Only.”

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