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Lockwood Hotel is a paranormal mystery rp with a focus on the spur of the moment events and runs.

Lockwood Hotel

Players find themselves waking up in a mysterious hotel after witnessing the destruction of their universe. They are given instructions from the nebulous 'Management' of the hotel to seek out doors that open up into entirely new and different worlds.

Join Up!

So you wanna join? Head on to IRC and give us a holler! We have a 16+ age limit, but as long as you fit that requirement, don't be shy!

  • Rules and Regulations - You have to follow these rules. They're pretty simple.
  • Characters - A list of characters
  • Setting - Read up so you don't get lost looking for the swimming pool
  • The Forums - A place for discussion that doesn't take place in the real-time, ephemeral land of IRC. Recent Posts collects every post on the site, so you can keep track.


I also took a lot of the page layout from the Origins RP, because it's a good layout and adapts really well. Thanks to Roget and Scantron for that.

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