As of right now, these are not applicable (with the exception of the fourth wall)

Some doors lead to other worlds that may become familiar. If GM's create a world with an extended plot arc add a description here

World with the Twin Suns
This world is hot. The houses, designed to retain heat, provide no relief. The coolest areas are underground. There is life here, although most of the surface has been burnt. The only sapient life discovered to date has yet to be visually observed.
Notable NPCs: Sally, Sally's "dog," Sally's Dad.
Status: Burning
Creator: mrs_padri

Known as the Starless Ocean. This world of mystery and adventure has no celestial bodies in the sky. A perpetual blanket of darkness wrapping a near endless ocean of dark water. Beneath the surface are small lights floating about. The ocean is dotted with many islands containing all manner of flora and fauna. The most prominent settlement is North City, a huge urban area under the control of the Institute.
Status: Dark
Creator: LemurLord

A mountainous world divided into two halves. There is the aboveground Ciel, initial home of the humans, and the underground Fonce, the birthplace of the Ange. The two areas are connected by huge crystals out of which massive cities are carved. The Ange are highly spiritual humanoids of ash-white skin and dark hair and eyes. They communicate in a unique language that does not have a direct translation and cannot be understood by humans. It is a language of pure emotion and listening to it fills the recipient with the thoughts and feelings of the speaker. Every generation one Ange is named queen and they become the spiritual representative of the planet itself. the current queen, Yofie, is very ill, however, creating fear and paranoia in the populace.
Notable NPCs: Yofie
Status: Sick
Creator: LemurLord

Discovered right after it had been saved, it is not yet known what endangered this world. It appears much like modern Earth, although it does have slightly advanced tech. There's more to be discovered here. If you would like to GM here, please consult an OP.
Notable NPCs: The "chica"
Status: Saved
Open GMing

The Spirit World
An expansive plane of existence that acts as a passage for souls travelling from death into the ether (though only for certain realities), among other things. Home to spirits of all calibers. Energies present are naturally damaging to any mortal without special protection for their soul and body, such as a contract with a spirit.
Notable NPCs: Bean, Sage, Dove, Bean & Sage's Father
Status: Spiritual
Creator: Wixelt

A world of masks. People in this world wear wooden masks that are bound to them at birth. These masks grant the people life and abilities to live in this world. If a person is separated from their mask for too long they will eventually get sick and slip into a coma.
Notable NPCs: Kiri, Otikoro, Waiara
Status: Masked
Creator: LemurLord

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